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Post in Oily Skin

glam glow vs. origins vs. fresh masks

So I want to find a good mask to start using.   I have very oily skin and large, visible pores.  I am 22 and I have some acne, must mostly just blackheads and clogged pores and I've learned from all of my smart BTers that a mask will help me.  (: So I want everyone is recommending either the glam glow, origins clear improvements or fresh clay masks.  I was wondering if everyone could hep me decide between those three.  The glam glow is just so expensive and I'm wondering if the origins is just as good, or should is the glam glow worth the extra money??


thank youuu <3 

Re: glam glow vs. origins vs. fresh masks

So which one should I use if I don't have acne concerns but have some blackheads?

Re: glam glow vs. origins vs. fresh masks

I am a fan of both Glam Glows (haven't tried the blue one yet). I have a deluxe sample of the Origins one, but have yet to use it. If you look at the ingredients, GG has a lot more of essential oils and extracts, but not the charcoal. You could buy the mini of the GG black and the mini of the Origin's. Do half you face in one and the other half in the other and see which one works better for you. Can't speak for the Fresh because I don't like their stuff (too mild for me).

Re: glam glow vs. origins vs. fresh masks

i don't know why i didn't think of that! haha I'm going to try that! (well depends how much the mini GG is haha).  Also after hearing about all of the products, I want to try all three for different reasons! I want the fresh one tighten my pores and the origins to clear my pores! haha

Re: glam glow vs. origins vs. fresh masks

The smaller black GG mask is $19, but Sephora has a great GG set. 


I just bought it, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

Re: glam glow vs. origins vs. fresh masks

i wish the white gg came in a $19 size! haha I don't need the black one quite yet. i was considering the white one because its supposed to hep clear pores. 

Re: glam glow vs. origins vs. fresh masks

I'm a big fan of the Origins charcoal mask, which I use 1-2 times per week on my very oily skin.  I have no issues with blackheads now, and I think this mask is why.  I don't have the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Mask (is that the one you are asking about?), but I do have the Fresh Umbrian Clay bar that I use like a mask about twice a week as well.  This one helps with oiliness and keeping breakouts in check.  It's different from a regular mask, in that it is a clay bar that you rub on your wet face after cleansing, and then let the wet clay dry on your skin before washing it off.  It is pricey (to me), but the one bar seriously lasts forever.


I'm a fan of spending what it takes for great skin, but I just can't see spending upwards of $60 on a face mask, like GlamGlow.  But that's just me, and I probably spend money on moisturizers and serums that others would gasp at too.  Smiley Happy

Re: glam glow vs. origins vs. fresh masks

I have Fresh's clay bar and Origins..have tried GlamGlow supermud - which didn't seem to do much. Origins seems to draw out impurities. Fresh is just clay which also tightens pores, can't compare to Origins as Fresh doesn't really draw out the gunk.


Re: glam glow vs. origins vs. fresh masks

I have gone through 2 Glam Glow's and have the Origins as well. From my experience, I prefer GG 100% over the Origins charcoal mask. od course it's about 10x the price, but it actually clears up any breakouts I have and pulls out blackheads, which Origins didnt do.

also, the charcoal mask is a nightmare to remove- I feel like I have to tug at my skin which isnt ideal.


PS. My skin is normal (slightly oily in the summer) and acne prone.


Re: glam glow vs. origins vs. fresh masks

you can get Glamglow in Amazon for just $34. That's where I buy mine and I'm inlove with it. Smiley Happy

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