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Post in Oily Skin

everyday face care

so i'm looking for an everyday skin care routine. the whole 9 yards. i have oily skin & every now and then get occasional breakouts b/c of my hair being in my face too much. but i also have a lot of black heads on my nose -__-

any suggestions on face care?

Re: everyday face care

Here's What I recommend:


1. (AM and PM) Cleanse with an inexpensive face wash. I like Cetaphil's Gentle Cleanser. It's formulated by dermatologists, and it works. Purity is also good. Depending on how oily you are, you may want something with salicylic acid like Neutrogena's Acne Wash. If you can get a Clarisonic, this really will help! I don't recommend the drugstore imitation clarisonics, as they are damaging to the skin because of the rougher bristles. 


2. (PM only) Exfoliate with Perricone MD's Blue Plasma. It exfoliates and will not cause any damage. Should help with pores and blackheads. You should not use an abrasive exfoliator as it will age your skin over time. This one is great because it will make your skin glow on a daily basis (since it can be used daily). I do not know of any inexpensive alternatives to recommend. 


3. (AM and PM) Treat your oily skin with a product containing Salicylic Acid. I really like Perricone MD's Intensive Pore Treatment.


4. (as needed) Spot treat with a 10% BP product. This can be very drying and damaging to the skin so only apply to inflamed pimples. 


3. (AM only) Apply sunscreen. I recommend Shisido's Urban Environment Oil-free SPF 42 for face. If you want something cheaper, Neutrogena has some good face sunscreens as well. You may or may not need to moisturize afterwards, depending on the sunscreen you use. However, most likely you will. 


4. Moisturize: Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is my favorite for balancing oily skin. Its gel based so it won't cause breakouts. Clean and Clear also has a decent moisturizer, but clinique's is far superior.






I am not sure what sort of budget you are looking at, but in order of importance I'd say invest as follows:


1. Blue Plasma (because it is so new, there are no imitations of this stuff yet. But it is the only non-damaging way to get a good exfoliation.)


2. Clarisonic Mia


3. Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (A good lotion really makes a difference)


4. Shisido's Urban Environment Oil-free SPF 42 for face (You want to apply good protection. If you don't like the consistency of the sunscreen you're currently using, you're not going to put it on daily.)


5. Perricone MD's Intensive Pore Treatment (my favorite oil controling product)


Then your spot treatment and cleanser, just get a good formulation. They do not need to be expensive. 






Re: everyday face care

My go to routines are:


1. Daily wash with Nutrogena Foaming Face Wash


2. Exfoliate once a week (too much and your skin can get aggrivated or more dirty)...I do a homemade scrub with 1tbsp lemon (or citrus) juice + 1tbsp baking soda = apply to face and lit sit for 20min and then scrub off in shower. (Make sure to get everything off or the baking soda will clog your pores!)


3. Moistuirize every day with a lotion that has SPF in it (I like Nutrogena)...and then a couple times a week I moisturize with Josie Maran Argan Oil before bed.


4. Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips (or the equivalent thereof from the drug store). These I use 2 times a week  to help really clean up those blackheads I get - and they do help.


5. When I get breakouts I use something heavy duty like Noxema acne my face doesnt help once I get them, these are the only thing that really help


Beyond that I don't go too crazy for everyday use...cost and time are two things I don't have tons of, so my routine is pretty simple. Same for makeup - I find a good product that works with my skin type and stick with it! 

Re: everyday face care

thanks! ill try that exfoliate once a week you put down!

Re: everyday face care

The whole nine yards, in my book:

1. clay, charcoal or mud mask. This help soak up oil and sometimes tighten or clean out the pores, so a must for oily skin. I'm a big fan of Origins Charcoal or Murad Clarifying mask. Preventive measures for blackheads etc. If the blackheads on your nose are the hard kind that can be pulled out, try Biore pore strips.

2. Scrubs. This exfoliate and gets rid of dead skin, so any treatments sink in better and the oil your skin produced does not get trapped under a layer of dead skin. Personally I prefer thick, tiny beads (not nut shells) since I tend to scrub hard and the scrub cleanser are always too liquidy for a nice scrub. Recommend Clinique 7 day cream scrub or Laura Mercier scrub (pink one).

3. Cleanser. clean off the sweat/oil/dirt so the treatments sink in better. Just like scrub, it doesn't stay on your face long, so no need to go expensive as long as your skin doesn't feel uncomfortably tight/dry/oily after using. I alternate between Clinique liquid cleanser for oily skin, Philosophy Purity and L'oreal 360 Go Clean in green.

4. Toner. This is kind of unnecessary if you have normal untroubled skin and skippable. However, a hydrating toner is good for dry skin, a clarifying/exfoliating toner is good for oily skin to wipe off any remaining oil/skin flakes etc to prep it for the good stuff. I've tried a couple expensive and low end ones through out the years, but I always comes back to Clinique Toner 2 (I know it contains alcohol and menthol, but none from drugstore or Origins I've tried works).

5. Serum. This is the special effect/treatment thing. There's brightening, anti-aging, hydrating, pore minimizing etc etc depending on what you want to target. It is more potent than moisturizer/cream but if your skin is fine, it's skippable. I like Truth Serum from Ole Henriksen and Brightening one from Caudalie.

6. Eye cream. If you are over 20, this is a good thing to add since your eyes shows the first sign of aging. If you have oily skin, go for a gel or very very light cream. I like Fresh Lotus gel cream, which is too expensive, so I'm using Boscia Amino-AG eye treatment.

7. Moisturizer. Oily skin should still use a moisturizer, albeit a very light one. Clinique moisturizing gel (yellow one) is a good basic that goes with any serum/toner you are using. Bliss Oxygen+C cream gel is also super light/liquidy and good for oily skin. Basically look for a gel cream or lotion. ALWAYS use a moisturizer with SPF in the morning/day. If you hate the greasy feeling, try a lotion or serum SPF (Origin Perfect World UV Protector SPF35, Kate Summerville serum SPF, Clarins).

8. Make up remover. If you wear waterproof, heavy, or full face make up, use a make up remover before using your cleanser/scrubs/mask and stuff. I've used eye make up remover to clean face/lip make up no problem. Clinique makeup remover in the purple bottle or jar are both good. They feel a bit oily, so I like using Koh Gen Do water or a makeup remover wipe (Neutrogena, Sephora etc etc) to wipe off make up before I hit up the gym, after which I shower/cleanse etc.

9.Enzyme/acid mask/peel. Honestly most people don't need this, but you asked for 9 yards so here it is. If you notice your skin texture changes, rougher/flaky in the winter, or sudden breakout, and the scrubs won't cut it, try this. Scrubs are physical exfoliators and this is chemical exfoliator. The acid help to shed dead skin without accidentally opening up the pimple etc, while the enzyme help to jumpstart the skin and revert it to the texture you are used to. Ren's a good but expensive brand. ExfoliKate is popular but it's too harsh for me. I use Origins Brighter by Nature peel. Dr. Gross pads and Ole Henriksen enzyme mask are popular gentle alternatives.


Application. Masks, peels, and scrubs are usually used twice a week or so. They might dry out or irritate your skin if used every day or all used on the same day. 3-7 are used every day. 8 is used whenever you have waterproof, full face or heavy make up on. It's ok to smooth the eye cream on, better to pat it on, but do not rub it on or pull the skin too hard. Same with toner (using a cotton ball or pad). Use serum, eye cream, and moisturizer sparingly, add more if necessary, but if you just put out a dollop and smother your skin with it, you will break out. Also, most treatments work better at night when your body repairs itself. Keep the routine simple in the morning. I just wipe with damp facial clothe then moisturizer with SPF, or cleanser when I'm feeling oily. Too much stuff can confuse/irritate/dry out your skin.


mmm.....that is pretty much everything in my skincare junkie cabinet.

Re: everyday face care

thank you so much! i love the whole nine yards that you gave(: completly appreciate it!

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