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Post in Oily Skin

clarisonic deep pore brush

i have oily, acne prone(all acne is gone now thanks to the dermatologist and clarisonic mia), a few blackheads on my nose.

Ive had the clarisonic for a month and it changed my skin it looks glowy now and my acne marks are fading slightly.

but it feels like my clarisonic was missing something so I bought the deep pore cleansing brushhead twin pack for when im done with the sensitive brushhead. I just want to hear your experience with the deep pore one and if it made your clarisonic better or maybe it didn't change anything. I would really like to know if it helped more with blackheads. Thanks!

Re: clarisonic deep pore brush



I got my Mia a while back and have gone through a few brush heads. I started with the gentle brush it came with and thought it was great, having never used a clarisonic before. Then I bought the deep pore brush twin pack hoping it would help with my blackheads and enlarged pores and now I'm using a sensitive skin brush. By far, the deep pore brush was the most effective on my acne prone skin. I am going to go back to the deep pore when the sensitive brush runs out (change every 3mths). The texture of my skin was smoother and blackheads seemed easier to remove. Hope this helpsSmiley Happy 



Re: clarisonic deep pore brush

I'm not sure if the deep pore cleansing brush has made a HUGE difference, but it hasn't hurt!  It's still gentle enough for my skin (can even use this brush with a gentle scrub without over-drying skin), and leaves my skin feeling just a little bit more clean and smoothe than it did with the regular brush.  Since my first purchase of this brush, I haven't gone back to the basic one!  Worth a shot!

Re: clarisonic deep pore brush

I've been using the deep pore cleansing brush for two months now and I've noticed a subtle difference. I actually had a week or so span where my skin was completely clear, and I can't remember the last time that happened!

Re: clarisonic deep pore brush

I've been using the Mia for a few months with the Deep Pore brush hoping for even small pores/less breakouts, etc. I used it for about 3 months and then I could tell it was getting really worn, soi switched to the sensitive brush that came with the Mia andive been using it for a bit and there's no difference in my skin. I actually like the sensitive one much better

Re: clarisonic deep pore brush

Mine came with the deep cleaning brush head, and I bought a two-pack also. I've been using it for a few months now (pretty soon I'll need to replace the head) and I just recently noticed that the pores/blackheads on my nose have been minimized quite a bit. I can't even see them when I'm just looking in the mirror regularly (when I lean in and get a closer look, they're still there but way lighter)


I went to the dermatologist recently to fix my acne too, and my face is super dry/irritated now with the insane regimen she's got me on, so I've been neglecting my Mia lately.

Re: clarisonic deep pore brush

I've been using the deep pore brush on my Mia for about a month and it does help even more with blackheads than the regular.  I think if blackheads are an issue for you it's going to help significantly.

Re: clarisonic deep pore brush

the deep pore would be too harsh for my skin, why don't you take this to your dermatologist for a consult?


btw I thought that paying $200 for a skin cleaning system was insane until my dermatologist recommended it and it's been one of the best investments I've made

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