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The Oily Skin Question Thread

Hello! I've seen so many questions about foundation/skincare/etc. for oily skin lately, so I thought it might be a good idea to try our best to consolidate onto one thread so that everyone dealing with shine can share our questions, thoughts, and advice in one place. That way no one misses out on all the great advice being given in response to each individual question 🙂 


*If someone has already created a thread like this, my apologies! I searched and didn't find anything like it, but if I missed it please let me know ❤️ 


Okay, so anyone with questions or advice or suggestions for issues relating to oily skin... Ask away! 

Re: The Oily Skin Question Thread

Since I'm a Korean, I've always been aware of K-beauty items and while I always discourage korean makeup products, I always suggest Korean skincare products since they're very affordable yet comparable to high end brands. I suggest "Innisfree," specifically their "Jeju Bija Line" which are products made for oily skinned people like us. They're very affordable (ranging from $12~30) and better if you have a sensitive skin. FYI I have oily and sensitive skin.

I highly suggest Bija Trouble Spot Clear Stick and Patches. They're more nighttime products but very helpful and affordable. I also VERY highly suggest their no sebum powder [$6] (not compact powder) because it is THE PRODUCT for people with oily/shiny skin. Basically it's a product that mattifies your skin by controlling your oil output. Also usable as a dry shampoo. (Haven't seen anyone use it as a setting powder but thinking of trying) It's comparable to blotting sheets but they're the best I have every used so far and I always carry it around with me. 

However, they are pretty mild (in my opinion) so I've moved to using Lush products only, specifically (in order)

1. Herbalism (Cleanser/very mild exfoliator)

2. Tea Tree Water (toner/mist)

3. Lightning Grease (this is a godsend and even if you don't like other lush products I highly recommend this one. It's a very thick serum type of product that you apply on your acne that makes it (usually) disappear overnight.)

4. Enzymion (Caution: it smells weird [lemony and enzyme-y] but really works well and mattifies your skin)


They're pretty expensive since it's a UK brand but if you know anyone in UK or are planning on visiting, stock up on them there since their price is like half over there.


Also I travel alot internationally and as everybody knows, travelling kills your skin so I always carry a mask and the product I've listed above. I typically use innisfree masks. (bija line) 


I also visit a facial spa for acne skin care and vitamin E care twice a week. Don't ever try to extract acne by yourself as you would most likely just make it worse. If you want to, visit a facial spa or a dermatologist. Vitamin E helps with weak and sensitive skins (which I have) and getting vitamin E facials along with acne skin facials really helped me. Facial Spa's are not necessities since they are expensive and time consuming but it does really help. 

Also, this may be controversial, but weight and body fat definitely affects your oily skin. My weight jumps around a lot and when I do workout continously, my skin is always healthier ,less acne prone and easier to control and manage.


Re: The Oily Skin Question Thread

My face is like an oil slick. Getting a lasting matte look is no easy task. On a whim, I applied pure concentrated lavender oil to a flat cotton pad and dabbed onto my face and neck. The burn was expected and the tingle was nice, but what happened shortly afterward threw me for a loop: My skin, which is oily A.F., absorbed the oil. Drank it in! I was like, "What the hey?"


Separation occurs when water and oil sit next to eachother like reluctant relatives in a church pew. They scrunch up real close but never quite get along. Anyone with salad dressing in their fridge has seen this effect. Turns out, at least where oily skin is concerned, oil *drinks* oil. Who would have thought? The lavender oil nourished my skin and gave my pores the hydration they crave allowing my sebum glands to chill the heck out. I have applied other essential oils to my face, and have never gotten the same effect. 


Cautionary Notes: You may need to dilute the oil with water. I don't. But you might. Steer clear of eyes and watch for nasal irritation. A drippy nose is unpleasant to say the least. Redness may occur. Outside of an allergy, this is normal and will go away. Cut back if you think you must, either with quantity or frequency, or dilute with more H2O. Lavender oil is actually great for decreasing inflammation. The oil could be more irritating on acne and may sting.


Sorry for the long post!  ✌

Re: The Oily Skin Question Thread

Every other brand and product type has either caused me to breakout more or make existing breakouts worse. I have an oil slick of a face. Cleansers and wipes dry me out and my face compensates with extra oil in no time. Not with these Purifying Oil-Free Cleansing Towelettes by Garnier! I wish they came in packs in excess of 25 wipes, but no... I'll never use anything else. This product has restored my faith in cleansing wipes.25 wipes, $5.00, local drugstore or Wal-Mart25 wipes, $5.00, local drugstore or Wal-Mart

 Yay, charcoal! You'd never know it with the way these feel, though. So soothing. I use the matching facial scrub in the shower.

Re: The Oily Skin Question Thread

What would you guys like to see in the top of the original post? I'm happy to keep a running list of FAQs, most common product suggestions, etc... Let me know! Let's try and get this thread going so all the oily skin advice can be in one convenient place for people to check 🙂 

Anonymous Insider

Re: The Oily Skin Question Thread

I don't have  oily skin but I sweat a lot what would be a good foundation for me use.  My skin is normal but I sweat all year long

Re: The Oily Skin Question Thread

Hello, I have the same probleme, especially in summer !

Instead of wearing foundation, I use cover fx as a foundation or on days where I dont want a full cover makeup (most of the days) I use it as concealer for the bags under  my eyes.

hope it helps

Re: The Oily Skin Question Thread

The Lancome Teint Idole definitely does a pretty good job of staying put, in my experience! Setting powder would also probably help - I use Laura Mercier translucent loose powder, and sometimes carry with me for touch ups if I know it's really hot outside. 

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