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The Clarisonic...To Buy or Not to Buy?

I am a teenage girl with super oily skin, large pores, and mild acne.  My main concerns are definitely the oily skin and large pores, though.  Would a Clarisonic Mia 1 or 2 be a good investment for me?  If so, which one?  Have those of you with similar problems experienced success with the Clarisonic?

​If you don't think Clarisonic would help with my particular skin, are there other tools you would recommend instead that might be better?  I am definitely open to others if they could help reduce my oil, tighten my pores, and keep my breakouts at a minimum.

​Quick responses would be awesome, as I'm looking at buying one over Black Friday or on Cyber Monday if there are good deals. 🙂

Re: The Clarisonic...To Buy or Not to Buy?

Skincare could be making you oily, besides hormones. When using the wrong skincare, natural oils can be stripped and the skin produces more to try and rebalance, hence dehydrated skin.
Clarisonic and the like are exfoliation tools, if over used they will do more harm than good. Use no pressure, let it do the work, 1x day usage, but work up to daily..I don't use mine even daily. Also use the correct brush head for you. Comparison charts on Clarisonic's website. The tool alone will not cut oil, the right skincare will. Exfoliation shouldn't be used on active acne, as it can just make things worse.
Mia 1 has one universal speed. Mia 2 has 2 speeds, 2ND speed is universal. I can't use speed universal too harsh.
You won't get purging, instead possibly a reaction to overuse and the deeper clean than the skin is used to.
Is it worth it for you, depends how deligent you are with skincare in general. Lots of sets, gwps at various stores, and know the return policy if needed.

Re: The Clarisonic...To Buy or Not to Buy?

I love my Mia 2, but that's the model I used right out of the gate, so I'm not much help in comparing it to the Mia 1 or other cleansing brushes/tools. I think what made the difference for me was the combination of the Mia 2 and the brush head for acne-prone skin (the one with the green ring of bristles). It's designed to be gentler than even the sensitive head to avoid aggravating active acne, and the bristles seem to dry quicker than the regular or sensitive heads (the two my Mia 2 came with). That brush head = total game-changer! 

Do you wear makeup daily? That is why the Clarisonic was such a good investment for me - it was getting off traces of makeup that regular cleansing would leave behind. While you can't shrink your pores, keeping them as clean as possible = smaller, tighter-looking pores and less breakouts. Plus, the tool makes for a nicer cleansing experience, so I look forward to using it at the end of the day. (I just use my hands in the morning.)


One word of caution is that some people experience purging when they first start using a tool like a Clarisonic. I didn't personally encounter that, but I deliberately timed my initial use of it around a time when I knew I didn't have any big events coming up...just in case 🙂  

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