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Post in Oily Skin

Still Oily...

A this point I have tried 4 primers, and none of them seem to work on m y skin. I always end up oilyy, and the make-up is coming off. The primers that I have used are: Smashbox Light Primer, Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free, Laura Mercier, and Benefit Porefressional Primer. I always use Too Faced Invisible Powder to finish it off, but it always seems to make me oily. I use Kat Vond D foundation, and Clinique BB cream.

Any advice is welcome. 

Thanks for your time. 

Re: Still Oily...

@Jennifffur- There is no need to be using the BB cream along with the Kat Von D foundation it's so thick and you are using too much with the foundation and the BB cream and that's making your skin oily and your makeup come off. You need to use your:


3.powder to set.


Hope this helps!

Re: Still Oily...

Highly recommend Hourglass Primer! Once you get on a good skincare routine, you'll see how this really helps smooth out your skin and keep your makeup lasting longer!

Re: Still Oily...

I used to have the same issue untili started using tea tree water from LUSH (not sold in sephora). Before my makeup and moisturizer (Bobbi brown hydrating gel moisturizer) and after my makeup. No longer an issue for me. I also heard Bobbi brown moisturizer have built in primer which I thinks helps too. And I have also used tons of primers and as far as foundation that keeps me less oily and my makeup stays on is Bare minerals. Smiley Happy 

Re: Still Oily...

My younger sister swears by NARS oil free primer.  Korres apparently makes a nice mattifying primer as well.

Re: Still Oily...

Oops didn't realize Givenchy was already suggested lol. It's is really good.

Re: Still Oily...

No, it was suggested a few months ago and you just reminded me. So thanks. Im hoping it trully works. 

Re: Still Oily...

I have 2 suggestions you can try:

Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer

Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment

I would suggest getting samples of both & trying them out.

Re: Still Oily...

Definetly going to try the Givenchy Primer, silly me Ive heard of it before. 

Thanks. Smiley Happy

Re: Still Oily...

The Smashbox Light Primer won't necessarily help mattify skin as it's just meant to be more weightless. You might want to try using a primer like Givenchy's Mister Mat which is geared speficially for mattifying skin or even use a mattifying balm under your primer/over your moisturizer like Urban Decay's DeSlick in a Tube or Peter Thomas Roth's Mattifying Gel.


You can also try a mattifying lotion to help control the oil as oil production will be better regulated by skin care products as it is a skin care related issue. Murad and PTR offer great mattifying lotions.


TF's Primed & Poreless powder will be more of a setting powder rather than one that can be reapplied/used to touch up. The conditioning ingredients in it like honeysuckle as well as water molecules could be adding additional hydration to your skin making it dewy. Try a mattifying powder like UD's DeSlick Powder or TF's Absolutely Invisible Powder, both are translucent and won't add a lot of weight if you touch up.


You might also look into setting sprays like DeSlick from UD or even the Kat Von D or MUFE ones!

Re: Still Oily...

 Ive been usinf TF's Invisible Powder, and it seems to be working good. I  might try the UD's powder just to compare. Thanks. Smiley Happy

Re: Still Oily...

Gotcha, my mistake, I realized it was the invisible one you mentioned in your original posted and not the P&P powder from TF! Smiley Happy

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