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Post in Oily Skin

Splurge or Save on Cleanser?

I have oily skin. 

Should I invest in the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser or buy one at the drugstore?


Also, Instant Foaming Cleanser or Gentle Cleansing Milk for oily skin? 


Thank you! 

Re: Splurge or Save on Cleanser?

Save on cleanser.  It's on your face for such a short time that any special ingredients don't have time to do much.  Splurge on face and eye creams.


Foaming cleanser is better for oily skin.  But if your skin is sensitive at all a cleansing milk might be better in that regard.

Re: Splurge or Save on Cleanser?

Sometimes I'll splurge, but I honestly never see much of a difference with facial cleansers!


I like foaming cleansers, and my skin is combo/oily, I feel like they clog my pores less, but it could just be me, haha


Anyway, I agree with kalex, save it and splurge elsewhere! Smiley Happy

Re: Splurge or Save on Cleanser?

I have oily acne prone, I usually just buy Neutorgena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Pink Grapefruit. I've bought sampler kits with cleanser like the Ole Henriksen Instantly Ageless Kit for 48$ and the Murad. Occasionally i'll use 100 point perk on a cleanser, and usually the Pink Grapefruit works just as well if not better. I like the cleansing wipes as well, I keep them by the bed.

Re: Splurge or Save on Cleanser?

Honestly I say splurge because it's part of a skincare treatment to remove and cleanse the skin- if you're not using the right kind or a poorly/cheaply made one it really does make a difference in how your other skincare items will work as well as how your makeup will look and feel too!


Any milk or cream cleansers will be heavy for your skintype so I suggest sticking with foam or gel cleansers to help balance any oily areas.


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Splurge or Save on Cleanser?

I agree.  Splurge on skincare and save on makeup if you need to make a choice.  That doesn't mean you have to go as far as splurging on Caudelie or that there aren't reasonable brands in the drugstore.  But I find that what I use to cleanse with really makes a difference in how my skin feels and looks and how makeup looks on top of it.


I'm not a fan of foaming cleansers myself because they can be really drying, but your skin type may differ. 


I do know that I'm almost 50 and I get compliments on how good my skin looks.  And I almost never wear foundation -- nothing more than a BB cream or tinted sunscreen.

Re: Splurge or Save on Cleanser?

I think when dealing the face, the canvas on which you be applying (or not applying) makeup products, it should not matter what you are using as long as it works.  You might find that a drugstore cleanser is the best thing or maybe you have to spend more money.  I think results are more important than the price tag.


Now, with that said, it is much easier to get samples of the higher end products to try out and sometimes the drugstore is trial and error.  If you are trying out samples, make sure that you use it just as you would if you have the real product otherwise your experience may not be valid.


Re: Splurge or Save on Cleanser?

Well put.  Spending a lot of money on something that doesn't suit you doesn't make sense, but you can also spend a lot of trial and error at the drugstore.  (And check with your store; I know some also have good return policies if something really causes you a problem.)  It is important to use things that have good ingredients and are not going to do damage to your skin.  (For example, a high alcohol content can be very trying.  Lots of mineral oil can block pores.  Depending on your skin type, pay attention regardless of the item's price.)


But yes, if it works for you, stay with it.  And if it doesn't work, don't keep using it just because everyone else raves over it or it has great reviews.  Having something suit you and care for your skin is much more important than what it costs.

Re: Splurge or Save on Cleanser?

I tend to splurge on anything that I put directly onto my skin but parting of the "splurging" is also looking at the ingredients' list to make sure that the cleanser is made of things that'll suit your needs!


As for whether to use the foaming cleanser or cleansing milk, I've used both and I personally found the foaming cleanser a bit too drying. It left me feeling tight and I've got combination/oily skin! The other issue is whether you're relying on your cleanser to take off all your makeup (if you wear a lot of makeup daily that is). The cleansing milk won't remove much makeup at all, in fact I use it as a morning cleanser because it's seriously gentle.

Re: Splurge or Save on Cleanser?

When it comes to this canvas I call my face, I splurge.  When I was a teenager, I used Neutragena face soap, which did the job for the person I was at that time.  When I got got a job--I used Prescriptives facial gel, and then ultimately switched to Clinique.


Now that I'm of a certain age, I alternate between Caudalie's products for the winter months and SkinCeuticals for the summer.  Both of these are high-end lines and I don't mind splurging on them.  The proof is in pudding--my skin is flawless.  And I can attest that the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser is right on the money.


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