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Recommendations for a Skincare Regimen? I'm 16

Soooo, I am 16 and I am very conscious about my skin's health.

However lately, I haven't really been looking at my skin's needs and as a teenager, I know I should take care of my skin while I don't have the wrinkles and much skin damage.

I have asian skin, oily, and can be prone to acne. I can say I have a few acne marks, and few wrinkles on my forehead. I usually don't have a problem with dark circles, but I want to take care fo my eyes better.

Currently I use


  • neutrogena's liquid facial soap daily
  • neutrogena's deep clean shine control wash
  • estee lauder's makeup remover wash



  • toner imported from Asia, where I add some clindamycin to prevent acne
  • clean and clear's dual action moisturizer 
  • and occassionally neutrogena 2-in-1 fight and fade spot treatment gel


Can anyone recommend a better regimen? I was thinking of adding eye cream, serums, and a makeup base to lock it all in while I sleep. Please keep in mind that as much as I'd like, I can't go out to buy $50 creams and such as a teenage girl with a small budget

Thanks for your time<3


Hi, camille1125!  It really sounds like you've got a good...

Hi, camille1125!  It really sounds like you've got a good skincare regimen going already.  I think it's great that you are already taking such great care of your skin.  I wish that I had started taking care of mine when I was your age.  The only thing that I would suggest that you add to your regimen is a sunscreen in the daytime.  Whether you wear makeup or not, you need to wear a good SPF of at least 30 on your face every day.  The sun is our #1 enemy when it comes to pre-mature aging and skin cancer and that's why wearing a sunscreen either underneath your makeup or just on your bare face is so important.  A very good, inexpensive one that won't make your face oily and works great underneath makeup is Neutrogena's Ultra-Sheer Daily Sunblock SPF 70.  It comes in different SPF strengths starting at SPF 45, I think.  You don't have to go as high as SPF 70...the SPF 45 will be plenty, but I always say it never hurts to add extra protection.  You can find it at any store that sells Neutrogena products, such as Walgreens, Target, WalMart, etc.

I hope this helps you. 🙂

I also have very oily skin that can be prone to breakouts...

I also have very oily skin that can be prone to breakouts. I find that, in addition to keeping it clean, if I can keep it from getting oily through out the day, it really helps to keep my skin clear. It sounds like the products you have are working for you. I find when I use products like those they are too harsh, and my skin ends up producing MORE oil to over compensate. A vicious cycle.


The best product for keeping my face from producing oil during the day is the Smashbox Primer in Light. I use it even if I don't wear makeup that day. The full sized bottle is expensive, but the travel size is $16 and will last a LONG time since a little bit covers your whole face and lasts all day, no need to reapply.


I also use Bare Mineral acne powder at night. Instead of using it as a spot treatment I do a light dusting all over my chin each night since that's where I tend to break out. I find this works much better that any medicated acne treatments with chemicals. Again, its not super cheap but it will last and last since you don't use much at a time.


My final recommendation will treat and prevent breakouts, faded dark acne scars and smooth out the fine lines on you forehead like magic. That would be the Philosophy, On A Clear Day Retinol lotion. Again not cheap, but it will address ALL your issues and you could buy it instead of some of the stuff you are already getting.


I hope that helps. 😃

wow camille1125, check you out all skin health consious a...

wow camille1125, check you out all skin health consious at such a young age! thats great! good job with what your doing so far, i would add a moisturizer and sunscreen, a product called CeraVe (you can find it at most any drugstores, like CVS) allows you to combine the two. you can apply the moisturizer right on top of your clindamycin.  Also make sure your cleanser is soapless, i believe the Neutrogena is.


oh, it looks like you already have a moisturizer, (i re-read your post) just the sunscreen. even though you don't have acne, use one designed for acne-prone, non-comedogenic and sensitive skin (CeraVe SPF 30)

It's usually a good idea to have the toner and moisturize...

It's usually a good idea to have the toner and moisturizer be from the same brand/manufacturer since the toner is designed to optimize the face conditions to get the full benefits of your moisturizer.



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