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Post in Oily Skin

Powder for Super Oily Skin!

Hi, I was wanting a powder that will keep my super oily skin matte and shine-free. I've been reading the reviews and i'm not sure whether the BareMinerals Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum or the Stay Matte Sheer pressed powder would work better.

Re: Powder for Super Oily Skin!

My trick for staying matte is to do a mineral veil application prior to foundation. This soaks up the oil before it hits the foundation layer. Easy peasy!

Re: Powder for Super Oily Skin!

you could also try palladio rice powder (cheap at drugstores or ultra) or their blotting sheets-which have rice powder on them. i use this powder over my foundation as a last step to control oil and once i have blotted to refreshen the look of my make up. I also tried benefit's agent zero shine powder which worked well for a matte finish once i have put my foundation on. As for the foundation, I tend to go with liquids to help control oil, and I really like make up forever mat velvet +, as kat von d's lock it tattoo foundation is VERY matte but it was too heavy and full coverage for me.. For powder foundation I am unsure which is best to control oil, but I use dior forever flawless because you can go back and touch up during the day if you feel oily and it won't look caked up. Smiley Happy

Re: Powder for Super Oily Skin!

I have super oily skin too, and have tried a few different products. I agree that BM Matte Foundation isn't that great for staying Matte. I have had pretty great success with Clinique Stay Matte Foundation, it's worth a look.


I have a Stay Matte pressed powder, but unfortunately, the shade is a bit too dark so I don't wear it. It was pretty good though! Since my skin gets really shiny, I do tend to need a blotting paper mid-day, but that's not too bad.

Re: Powder for Super Oily Skin!

I second andyhtieu's suggestion.  It really has great staying power and keeps my oily skin under control.  Though I can get super oily so I need a retouch during the day but that really isn't too big of a deal.

Re: Powder for Super Oily Skin!

do u use primer underneath four powder foundation?

I like dior forever powder foundation.  I like to finish all my makeup with setting powder and I use nars.

Re: Powder for Super Oily Skin!

The BM Matte Foundation isn't that great. It doesn't keep you matte for long. I haven't tried the Clinique Stay Matte Powder, so I can't help you there.


A powder that is really worth looking at and trying is the Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Velvet powder foundation. It has medium coverage and it really does keep you matte all day long.

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