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PLS HELP! Best Skincare Items for Oily Skin (combination skin) and Large Pores??

Hi friends! I'm a newbie to the whole skincare routine and have no idea where to start. I have the largest pores (& blackheads) I've ever seen on a human and the worst oily skin possible but my skin still gets dry:( I also have sensitive skin but only get a few pimples here and there. My routine right now is (please don't judge me haha) : I use dove soap w/ my Mia 2 to wash my face, then use Murad Clarifying Toner, and then Aveeno Dailey Moisturizer (I know, my routine is pitiful). And after looking more into Murad toner, ppl say that it can cause more oil than anything so idk...... 


I would LOVE to find a daily cleanser, night serum, and a moisturizer (or face oil) and any other skincare product I should add to my routine!!  I have been looking at all Drunk Elephant products and kinda wanna try Framboos Night Serum and DE Marula Oil but scared that DE products will break me out after reading reviews. Other face oils I had in mind are Herbivore Lapis Oil and Clarins Lotus Oil. What do y'all think???

And honestly, I'm just a little overwhelmed and need as much help as possible!! I'm open to any and every suggestion! Please help your girl out :):) 

RE: PLS HELP! Best Skincare Items for Oily Skin (combination skin) and Large Pores??

Hi!! ☺️ I had almost the EXACT same issues with my skin as you do and what has helped me most is doing a 10-step Korean skincare routine. You have a really solid basis to start off with so you should find adding new steps to be a lot easier than I did (I had absolutely no routine at all when I first started). Even though 10 steps sounds like a lot and seems pretty time consuming, there’s actually quite a bit of variability in what steps you do when (morning v. night routines) and how often (daily, 1-2x a week), which can make your routine between 5-10 minutes in the morning to about 10-30 minutes at night. I focused my routine on reducing oil and hydrating my skin. A huge lie that’s been fed to us oily girls is that moisture produces oil; negative ghostrider, it actually helps to keep our skin hydrated & balanced so we don’t overproduce oil, which can in turn dehydrate the skin. The great thing about the Korean skincare routine is that it focuses on LAYERING moisture. Basically, you have two steps to fully cleanse your skin then 8 to rebuild moisture. So here’s a full breakdown of the routine & the products I use. I hope this helps! ☺️

RE: PLS HELP! Best Skincare Items for Oily Skin (combination skin) and Large Pores??

Oh my gosh you helped so much because another concern I had was how to layer the products!! I honestly need to add all these steps to my routine. I literally just ordered half the products you mentioned and I’m going to gradually ease into it so my skin doesn’t freak out! THANK YOU SO MUCH, you’re a life saver💘😇

RE: PLS HELP! Best Skincare Items for Oily Skin (combination skin) and Large Pores??

You’re so welcome!! ☺️ I hope they all work well for you!! But don’t be discouraged if they don’t since everyone’s skin is totally different even if the problems are almost exactly the same. I had to do a lot of mixing and matching over the past year to figure out what worked best for me and I’m still tweaking my routine as I go (like me basically trying out every. single. sleeping pack😂).

Re: PLS HELP! Best Skincare Items for Oily Skin (combination skin) and Large Pores??

Replying a little late but wanted to add my experience.


Get rid of the clarisonic (even with the sensitive brush), over stimulating your skin can cause more oil.  Suggest a gentle cleanser, a pH balancing toner to remove any cleanser residue.  Add BHA (salicylic acid) - it cleans the inside pores so you won't get congested and risk blackheads. Start with low % (like 1% until you know if it causes sensitivity) - Paula's Choice is my favorite.  Exfoliate gently (your Mia is not gentle) with glycolic or lactic acid (I use Sunday Riley good Genes Lactic acid; more gentler than glycolic products which can cause sensitivity). Try a product that has niacinamide in it, supposed to help with oil production and pores.  don't overdo it, add in one product at a time so you can tell what works and doesn't work. 

My derm advised me to skip moisturizer - try instead ensuring you have adequate water intake (not just fluid intake), avoid caffeine and alcohol (the kind your drink and the kind you put on your face) -all contribute to dehydrated skin.  Also, any meds or supplements can cause oiliness too (I was awful when I was taking Biotin for skin/hair/nails).

sorry so long an answer. And dry oils did nothing but give me oilier skin.

Re: PLS HELP! Best Skincare Items for Oily Skin (combination skin) and Large Pores??

With the Clarisonic I like philosophy purity made simple cleanser. Also I don't use it daily nor 2x a day, which is typically too much. Which head, color, do you have?


What ingredients are you sensitive to? If you're not sure, patch test new products for 24hrs before using all over and keep a list of products/ingredients, so you can compare. Also do not switch to all products in one go, ease into new products.


Dove soap can leave a film on the skin, toners, have tried; don't use, not for my skin, Aveeno not for my skin.


Your skin is dehydrated. When it's unbalanced, it produces more oil to rebalance. Philosophy purity helped rebalance mine.


Moisturizer, Neutrogena oil free moisture, white bottle is decent for drugstore. You'll need spf regardless though. I use Cotz spf.


Mario badescu rosewater spray can be used to hydrate, set light makeup, tone..not sold at Sephora.


RE: Re: PLS HELP! Best Skincare Items for Oily Skin (combination skin) and Large Pores??

I have the sensitive head for my Mia, and I should definitely start keeping track of the products that for sure broke me out Bc I have no idea anymore! Also I used the Mario Badescu Drying Mask but it broke me out 🙁Do you think he’s other products will do that? Thank you so much for your advice!!

Re: RE: Re: PLS HELP! Best Skincare Items for Oily Skin (combination skin) and Large Pores??

The Sensitive head is more 'normal' as it's usually standard with the tool. I prefer the delicate head, even the deep pore one. 


The products I've used from Mario haven't irritated my hypersensitive skin, however I typically put masks/treatments not on the whole face and patch test 24hrs before. Contact Mario directly for samples tailored to your concerns.

RE: PLS HELP! Best Skincare Items for Oily Skin (combination skin) and Large Pores??

@randarenee You have a Mia 2 so that’s a great start. Seems to me your skin is oily/dehydrated. First thing is throw that toner away. It contains way too much alcohol that is drying out your skin and in turn, producing more oil. As far as cleansers, CeraVe SA Renewing Cleanser is great for night time when you have a full face of makeup. Double cleansing is also great. I use Clinique Take The Day Off Balm first, then CeraVe with my Mia 2. After, use a hydrating toner. I use a lot of Korean Beauty. If you want to shop at Sephora, the Fresh Rose Toner would work great for you. Sunday Riley’s Luna night oil and Good Genes will help with your blackheads and pores. I absolutely swear by those two products. They’re expensive, but if you’ve been looking at Drunk Elephant, you won’t be sticker shocked. For day, I recommend washing with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. It’s very gentle and won’t strip your skin. Don’t use your Mia since you shouldn’t be wearing makeup anyway. It’s just to wash all your product off from the night before. Go in with your toner again and apply a Vitamin C like Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum. Follow with an SPF (this is crucial) of 30 or higher. I recommend Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen and top it all of with a moisturizer like Belif’s Aquabomb. It’s light enough for everyday use and it won’t make you greasy. I was oily/dehydrated and am now normal. I can go on and on about what products have and haven’t worked for me...but I’d be typing for hours. Lol. I hope this helps a little. 💗💗💗

RE: PLS HELP! Best Skincare Items for Oily Skin (combination skin) and Large Pores??

Should I try good genes and luna oil together at first? And should I still apply nightly moisturizer when using the good genes and Luna oil? Also do you have any suggestions on weekly mask to use? Beyond thankful for your help!!💘

Re: RE: PLS HELP! Best Skincare Items for Oily Skin (combination skin) and Large Pores??

I’m going to say yes!  The lactic acidosis in good genes will help exfoliate the dry surface of your skin. The Luna Oil has retinol in it ... which should be used at night.  


My my advice is to get a good SPF to use while using both of these 


Do you exfoliate? 

The Dr Jart Pore Minimalist mask works great! 

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