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Ole Henriksen too oily/greasy for anyone else?

I purchase the Three Little Wonders set hoping to find a perfect skin care set, but I find that the Night Gel is greasy and the Truth Serum is a little too heavy for daytime.  Does anyone else have the same issues??  I first tried a truth serum sample & it's okay for now.  Plus I've tried different combinations for day along with an oil mattifier & primer, but they just feel a little too greasy- that set was $70 so it wasn't cheap!

Re: Ole Henriksen too oily/greasy for anyone else?

How much of the products do you use for each application?

Re: Ole Henriksen too oily/greasy for anyone else?

If you have oily skin it might be a bit heavy for you. I have combination skin and find Truth Serum just right, Sheer Transformation great for fall/winter but too heavy/stuffy for summer, and Invigorating night gel stings and peels on my skin. =/


I did try sample packets of their other moisturizer and found some a bit too greasy. I use Truth Serum at night, I only put light SPF moisturizer on during the day, no serum and minimal make up or else it feels too greasy/stuffy.


It's middle of the road in term of heaviness/greasy/richness, you can try some of their lighter products, or switch brand to something more lightweight such as Boscia gel/lotion.

Re: Ole Henriksen too oily/greasy for anyone else?

Lylysa- I use less than half a pump of the Truth Serum as one pump is too much.  When I first applied the Night Gel I used just enough to cover my entire face but then I used less the following night- even that was too greasy for me!  I may just have to return the set and maybe just use the Sheer Transformation by itself.

Re: Ole Henriksen too oily/greasy for anyone else?

Are you applying the serum just on target areas or all over your face?


Do you allow for any "dry down" time from the serum before applying the moisturizer?


It's possible that the Night Gel is too much for your skin, especially since you're not noticing any issues with the Sheer Transformation.


Try using just a dab of the Night Gel (rather than scooping some out with your finger) and seeing if decreasing the amount might help.

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