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Oily skin help?

Okay, so here's my problem: I wash my face, etc. in the morning and everything is peachy. However, after only one or two hours, my face is so greasy it could probably solve our oil crisis Smiley Sad Do any of you guys have any recommendations for oil control products? I normally wear minimal makeup (mascara, lip gloss, concealer) and don't like to wear foundation, so I would prefer a product that has little to no tint, and really works all day.


Thanks so much! Smiley Happy

Re: Oily skin help?

thanks so far to everyone who has commented! you guys have been so helpful Smiley Happy

Re: Oily skin help?

Cornstarch baby powder. Not even kidding. I've used it for years. It sucks up oil better than any cosmetic powder I've ever tried. You can wear it with no other makeup at all. If you have a dark complexion, just use a verrrrrry light coat of it or mix it with a dark loose powder.

You can also use it on your roots & scalp if they get oily as well. It can also be used as a dry primer under makeup.

Works like a dream for me anyway. Smiley Wink

Re: Oily skin help?

Everyone has a skin type, and what we do with skin care can cause conditions that might make it worse.  I have oily skin, and it is VERY frustrating when base makeup like foundation just melts off my face.  Now knowing what to do, proper treatment is the key to normalizing skin.

Depending on what your skin care routine is, I will let you know what I used to do and hopefully that will help you.  I used to wash my face 4x per day!  After it seems that my face would feel clean, oil would sprout and break through all over again.  It is a contradiction because if you strip your skin of all of it's oil in an unhealthy way, it will overreact and produce more oil.  That's when using a proper light moisturizer will save you from frustrations.  Please let me know what your current skin care routine is and I'd love to help if you have any more questions.

Re: Oily skin help?

I have a kind of complicated skincare routine seeing as I have moderately bad acne, but here goes . . . Smiley Very Happy



1. Wash face with Clearasil foaming cleanser

2. Swipe on Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent

3. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer

4. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion (from Sephora)

5. Any makeup




1. Wash face with Neutrogena Deep Clean face scrub

2. Apply prescription sulfur medicine

3. Apply prescription tretinoin

4. Apply Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream


If you have any other suggestions/product recommendations, please let me know!


Re: Oily skin help?

I'm glad to hear that you have a routine down and not using bar soap on your face.  Bar soap is extremely alkaline so it changes skins acidity that needs to be balanced.  

To start, I'd say not using the clean and clear astringent.  Astringents typically have alcohol as the main ingredient and that can cause skin to overproduce oil.  I'm going to assume that it's because you want to exfoliate your skin.  As a cheaper brand, I love Yes To Blueberries softening facial exfoliator after you clean our face.

With the prescriptions that you are using, the dermatologist that you are seeing would have the best advice for daily skin care (I'm only an esthetician).  But if you'd like more advice feel free to ask.  My expertise is on the brand Dermalogica because the school I went to exclusively used mainly Dermalogica.

Re: Oily skin help?

Thanks for replying! Smiley Happy I was actually using the toner (which has salicylic acid in it) in an attempt to clear out some of my hideous blackheads, not to exfoliate, but I could definitely try skipping it to see if I get less oily.

Re: Oily skin help?

You can try the MUFE loose matte powder in translucent. I set all my makeup with UD deslick setting spray. and then after about 10mins or so right before i leave, i add mufe HD powder pressed just into my oily areas. that keeps me about 6hrs before i feel like blotting.  I LOVE the boscia blotting linens, only 2 ingredients and i even got my friend hooked on them 


Also since you aren't wearing any foundation, are you moisturizing enough? what are you using in the morning and night? I found that argan oil has helped tremendously in reducing the amount of oil, so i use that to moisturize at night.


Forgot to add even if you don't wear a powder you can use primer to control oil. I use SB light, love that stuff. Also just got a sample of the blemish control one that is supposed to control oil and has salyclic acid in it.

Can't comment yet since I've only used it once.

Re: Oily skin help?

I have super oily skin as well and randomly lately I noticed my skin hasn't been as bad. There are a few things I've changed up in my routine:


Moisturizer: I've been using The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream. I love it because it feels like a gel and isn't greasy feeling at all.


Primer: I got a sample of the Cover FX Mattifying Primer and I love it. It seems to have really helping in combination with the Body Shop moisturizer.


Setting powder: I've been using either the MAC Prep and Prime Pressed Translucent Powder or the UD Naked Skin Pressed Powder (more the UD as of late) and both have worked well. 


This is the first time in a long time I can recall not being as much of a grease ball so hopefully it can help you!

Re: Oily skin help?

The only thing I've noticed to actually work is a spritz of Urban Decay De-slick, a light coating of powder foundation (I use bareMinerals), and another spritz of de-slick followed by a light dusting of setting powder.


Have you tried just a setting powder so far? If your skin is oily enough, you may just have to blot.


On days where I don't wear any make-up I do a light layer of benefit porefessional over my T-zone only.. if you have any shininess at application time it immediately mattifies it... might be worth looking into if you like to keep your make-up minimal. Also does a great job of smoothing the skin (I have large pores/blackheads and it literally makes them disappear... but I only like it when worn alone).


Re: Oily skin help?

What about trying Urban Decay's B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray?




I use this after toning and before moisturizing and it really helps control the oiliness of my face. You can also use it throughout the day to refresh your skin and it absorbs super fast so I'm not sitting around with a wet face after spraying it haha.

Re: Oily skin help?

iOk had this problem but I found THE solution!! And AND it is a 13$ investment to try the clinique 3 step solution is Amazing! And no mid day oil slicks!!

Re: Oily skin help?

Check into this list of primers and mattifying gels that can be applied to clean, moisturized skin and offer no tint but will help minimize the appearance of pores, absorb and control oil, and help with smoothing and perfecting the look of skin.


You can also look into blotting sheets from brands like Boscia, Sephora, Tatcha, or Shiseido.


Other options including translucent pressed powders like Urban Decay's DeSlick and Too Faced's Absolutely Invisible to absorb oil and mattify skin. Benefit's Dr. Feel Good is a balm applied with a sponge or facial puff and works to take down shine and oil as well and leaves no color behind.


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