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Post in Oily Skin

Oily Skin!

I just recently bought Smashbox Light Primer and Smashbox BB cream, with the Smashbox powder. the make up looks great on my skin, but my only problem is that my face still gets very oily in my T-zone. I dont know if I should use a different brand or a different primer, but I love the matte natural look. Help!

Re: Oily Skin!

I use the Smashbox primer and setting powder as well, but I still found my nose gets super oily. I've had a lot of success with Urban Decay's deslick products. I start with applying the De-Slick in a Tube in my t-zone, let that sink in for about one minute, then apply the primer, then foundation, then setting powder. After I finish doing all my makeup, I spritz the De-Slick Setting Spray all over my face. This combination keeps me oil free even when I've been out in the sun and sweating!


They also have a De-Slick powder that I wanted to get but it was always out of stock so I got the mattifying gel instead. I don't know if you'd be interested in that since you already have a setting powder but you might look into it.

Re: Oily Skin!

I have oily patches in my skin especially in my t-zone so ya i know exactly what your going through lol! 

I think first you might want to use a different cleanser specifically targeting oily skin like Murad's Oil Control Mattifier! It does wonders!!!!!!!!swfupload_4843819711500264344.jpg


I would also recommend a setting powder for a matte look like Laura Mercier Smooth Pressed Setting Powder- Shine Control. That also specifically targets oily skin.

I think those primers are awesome!!! But if you do want another primer you can use Benefit's POREfessional primer which really does a great great great job Smiley Happy swfupload_8781836780424490779.jpg




(Laura Mercier)


Re: Oily Skin!

Yep, you need a new primer that specifically targets oily complexion. Givenchy's Mister Mat is my vote!

Re: Oily Skin!

I like the Laura Mercier loose setting powder as well.  I have very oily skin and since I started using it (just this week) I've been loving it.  Boscia has a T-zone serum and Too Faced has an oil free/sensitive skin primer that I also love. 

Re: Oily Skin!

I have the same problem - super oily skin that doesn't stay matte for too long. Here's the best solution I've found:

-Korres Pomegranate Moisturizer

-Tarte Clean Slate Poreless Primer (I've used the Smashbox Light & it always let me get really oily way faster)

-Tarte BB cream

-Korres Mineral Foundation

-Tarte finishing powder


That's the best combination I've found! Smiley Happy

Re: Oily Skin!

I second the last 2 posts: Tarte's finishing powder is incredible, and I use Murad's anti-aging moisturizer with SPF in the daytime.  I also use Murad's Time Release Cleanser because it prevents blemishes from the oil but doesn't dry or strip your skin.  Have been VERY impressed with that line.


Try Tarte's 12-Hour Foundation, too.  I'm head-over-heels in  love with it!

Re: Oily Skin!

Thank you! Im definetly going to try these products. Smiley Happy

Re: Oily Skin!

I also second the recommendation for Murad's Oil Control Mattifier with SPF 15.  It's made a huge difference on the oiliness of my skin (which is extremely oily).  I also use Benefit's Porefessional Primer, and find that this combination has been amazingly helpful.  Some days, I have forgotten to set my foundation with powder (morning rush), but using these two products prevents me from getting super oily, so I can survive a whole work day without looking greasy.  

Re: Oily Skin!

I've problems with on oily T-zone too. What I have found to help is the tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder applied to the T-zone with a powder puff. It takes away any shine and keeps your makeup on. By using a powder puff and pressing and rolling, you only use the smallest amount of powder! I hope this helps. Good luck!

Re: Oily Skin!

Good job on pointing out that application tip!


It's vital when you use any HD or silica based powder!

Re: Oily Skin!

Though the Smashbox Light primer is great for not making oily skin feel any heavier or add more oil, it might not be the best primer to help in mattifying your skin.


Try Benefit's Porefessional or Givenchy's Mister Mat, both target and mattify skin, plus the Porefessional primer can even be tapped over make up to absorb oil/shine without the use of caking on powder or using blotting sheets!


If your skin still ends up being super oily, try a mattifying lotion like Murad's Oil Control Mattifier with SPF 15, or a mattifying balm used over your lotion like DeSlick in a Tube from Urban Decay or Peter Thomas Roth's Mattifying Gel.


You can also use a translucent powder to touch up like DeSlick powder compact from Urban Decay or Too Faced's Absolutely Invisible Pressed Powder.

Re: Oily Skin!

What foundation would you recommend?

Re: Oily Skin!

It depends on what type of coverage you're wanting, give us some more details and we can provide the best recommendations possible so suit your needs!

Re: Oily Skin!

Medium to full coverage with a matte finish. I just recently bought Make Up Forever and I am highly disappointed. I look orange and oily. 

Re: Oily Skin!

The turn to orange is a process called oxidation where the oils and pH levels in your skin react with your make up, giving the change in color/tone to the product.


Which MUFE product did you get?


Feel free to kick me a personal message if I don't respond here quick enough, I don't want you to think I'm ignoring you in case other threads pop up over this one! Smiley Happy

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