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Post in Oily Skin

Oily. Oil for days and days. Actually slippery face oily. Just the oiliest skin.

Ok so, I have The. Oiliest. Skin. Cannot touch it during the day for fear of oily hands oily. Oily 30 minutes after washing oily. I have never seen anyone oilier. I would love to find a lightweight moisturizer that will hydrate a bit and mattify the heck out of my skin.


The thing is, I only get a small bit of occasional acne if I do very little with my face. If I wash with warm water and fresh cloths morning and night and use nothing but perhaps a little aloe on my face I almost never break out. But if I use makeup or most moisturizers I suddenly break out as well as get oily. 


Can anyone recommend a very lightweight moisturizer that will not break out most sensitive skin but is also super mattifying? Something that dries smooth and not tacky and won't clog up my skin.


Past favourites were:

My previous holy grail, Sephora Collection Sleeping Mask (green tea) used as a twice a day moisturizer. SO mattifying, SO brightening, SO perfectly clear skin, and SO discontinued.

Also Glamglow Volcasmic because it super mattified compared to other products (half a day) but it made me break out a bit more.


Re: Oily. Oil for days and days. Actually slippery face oily. Just the oiliest skin.

@Mishikall your cleanser probably is stripping the skin of natural oils. Dehydrated skin produces more oil to rebalance. 


What exact products are you using?


The breakouts are probably just a reaction from not using anything routinely, rather than true acne.


Medications can contribute as well as medications that can slow oil production- see a dermatologist for those options.

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