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Post in Oily Skin

Oily Makeup

Hey everyone looking for help! So I’d do my makeup in the mornings but within 4 hours I’ll be oily again. Can anyone drop some suggestions of primers? Skin care? Or anything to help

Re: Oily Makeup

@makashaa I've always suffered from oily skin. I went into a Sephora, and asked for something (I can't even remember what) and she asked if I was using a face cream. I said no, I found most face creams just made my oily skin worse. She then explained to me that if your skin is dehydrated, it produces excess oil. I always thought there was no way my skin was dehydrated since there was so much oil! Anyways, long story short. I changed my skin care routine. Oil free face cleanser. Toner. & face cream! I also found using some of The Ordinary products helped, for a reasonable price!



THE ORDINARY - Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%this one actually helps balance the excess sebum, and balance the oil. I swear by this product! (Especially for the price point!). I use this everyday after toning, before moisturizer. 

RE: Re: Oily Makeup

OH WOW!!!! Thank you so much!! I never would have thought of producing more oils. That’s so weird. But I’m going to have to go and talk to a person in store and see what other suggestions! But I’ve heard a lot about the ordinary! Thanks!!

Re: Oily Makeup

Hi @makashaa,

If you have oily skin, make sure you're using a foundation with a matte finish so you won't look greasy. My favorite is the GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY - Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation SPF 25.

For extra matte staying power, I like setting my foundation with a matte powder on top. I really enjoy the SEPHORA COLLECTION - Matte Perfection Powder Foundation.


Stay Gorgeous,


RE: Re: Oily Makeup

Thank you for this! I’m going to look into the powder as the foundation isn’t available.

Re: RE: Re: Oily Makeup

You're welcome! I recommend looking into the foundation when it's back in stock. <333

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