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Oil control


I'm looking for something that will provide good oil control, perhaps a primer or a lotion.  I don't need a lot of coverage; right now I just use concealer where needed, a bit of Tarte bronzer and Chanel blush.  But my t-zone gets very oily by mid-day.  I have tried Boscia T-zone treatment, and a few different primers (like Urban Decay and Nars), but nothing seems to work.  Can you recommend a moisturizer, treatment or primer (or all three!) that will really control oil?


Re: Oil control

Have you tried blotting papers? it is a good way to do a quick touch up mid-day and remove excess oil. swfupload_6121196649227513447.jpg

Re: Oil control

Sephora's 8HR Mattifying Moisturizer has worked very well for me.  I will say that it did cause me to break out on a patch on my forehead for about a week.  I had read that others had similar experiences and that it went away in time so I stuck it out and am very happy with the results...and the price.

Re: Oil control

use clinique it works really well i had really oil face and it helped alot........ and they a oil control makeup that has good coverage.

Re: Oil control

I would also suggest that you use a small amount of finishing powder like the MUFE HD powder to help control the shine. Hope this helps!

Re: Oil control

I have had a lot of success with Urban Decay's de-slick products. First I use the De-Slick in a Tube in JUST my oily spots (t-zone, mostly). I let that soak in and use my primer all over my face. I use Smashbox's Photo Finish in Light, which is 60% water based and is made for oily skin. After I finish my makeup I use UD De-Slick Setting Spray.


As for moisturizers, I really like the Korres Pomegranate Gel Cream Moisturizer. It's lightweight, absorbs quickly, and while it's not a mattifier per se, it doesn't look greasy and won't increase your oil production.

Re: Oil control

For lotion/moisturizer try:


-Murad Oil Free Mattifier SPF 15, does a killer job but the texture is a bit on the thicker side, almost like glue/paste. Once you get the hang of spreading it, it's not an issue because it works so well, but if you're not accustomed to the formulation, it might take some getting used to


-Peter Thomas Roth Clini Matte SPF 20, I like that it has a higher SPF, this formula is much lighter/less thick than the Murad lotion, this one focuses more on just oil control and pore minimizing rather than also tackling acne control (which the mUrad one does).


Targetting product:


-PTR Mattifying Gel, applied after you moisturize to oily/target spots to absorb, the formula is a clear gel 

that's weightless and silky feeling


-Urban Decay DeSlick in a Tube, feels like a balm that dries down, applied similarly to the PTR gel on target areas




-Benefit's Porefessional, either use it as a targetting product or primer, can also be dabbed over make up to absorb oil/control shine rather than using blotting sheets or translucent powder to touch up


-Givenchy's Mister Mat, primer that controls oil, light weight, nongreasy


-Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer, doesn't use silicone/dimethicone, but rather is a water based primer as to not add weight to skin but uses willow bark extract and rice starch to control oil and mattify skin




-Urban Decay DeSlick Make Up Setting Spray, mist over entire face when your make up is complete, this will set your make up to help it last longer and prevent issues like oil, heat, sweat, humidity, etc. from affecting the wear of your make up.


Re: Oil control

I have very oily skin as well, my cheeks, nose, and forehead are my porblem areas. I use two primers.At one time I was using Too Faced primer [white tube], along with Benefit Porefessional.... to treat shininess and pores. I was introduced to Murad Mattifier used it and then moved on...was not very impressed. I am now using Perer Tomas Roth Clini Matte SPF 20. I have not used it long enough to give a fair reivew. I do KNOW that Makeup Forever finishing powder, and Tarte also has a finishing powder too and those are GREAT! I use them along with Boscia T-zone treatment.

I do have Urban Decay Deslick Make Up Setting Spray ocassionally I use, but I can't say that I am wowed by it.

I think mixing products that you have researched and are compelled to use is the key to get satisfactory results. I think that if you use just one product or even 2 and stick to them you will be disappointed at one time or another, if you are open to switching up your applicaitons\products every other day or so, you will be satsified with results longer *just my thoughts........from trying to tackle the annoyoing oily skin issue for years now. <3 good luck!! 

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