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OKAY SO, let me start off by saying I have and always have had EXTREMELY OILY skin. I recently switched up my skincare and I think its making my skin oilier...I just started using the Pharmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm and the Boscia Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser. I also have been using the Belif Aqua Bomb (not sure if I like it). BUT I feel like those two cleansing products have made my skin so oily, I'm talking two hours after putting on my Estee Lauder Double Wear I am oily. Does anyone have any skincare recommendations?? I am really struggling and would love to get my oily skin under control. THANK YOU!!!


I have extremely oily skin and while theres nothing you can do to change your skin type there are regiments that can help reduce/deminish the appearence of oily skin. I find that using a soap free cleanser helps for me. I use thursday plantation tea tree oil foaming cleanser. Its like $13 a bottle but lasts me about a month. Ive tried high end cleansers from philosphy and boscia and I find theres no difference from the thursday plantation one I buy in the over the counter pharamacy section at walmart. I try to only wash my face twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night and I use a tea tree oil toner from lush before I use my sunday riley mosturiser. I still have to blot most days threw out the day especially if Im running around alot at work. Most people make the mistake of not mosturising oily skin but that actually dries you out and kicks your oil glands into over drive. Everyones skin is different so what works for me might not work for you. Hope this helped!


Hey girl! Like another insider here mentioned I think your skin is overproducing oil to compensate for being dehydrated! I've personally used the Farmacy cleansing balm and it has never dried me out. I think the Boscia cleanser is the culprit here, I have always had a really bad experience with them as I generally find this line to be way too stripping. Try a gentle pH balanced cleanser like Cosrx low PH or the CeraVe hydrating (or foaming) cleanser, it made a whole world of difference.


I also have oily skin and with a lot of trial and error I've learned that being gentle and not stripping my skin of all the oils with a harsh cleanser was so key! Don't stop using the cleansing balm tho because oil cleansers are the only thing that will completely remove heavy foundation like the ELDW, just remember to emulsify clean! Good luck, and remember, having oily skin is a blessing as well because you are less prone to wrinkles 😉


Hi @alejandra1212!


I would recommend you try the Ole Henriksen balance line. I’ve been using the toner, scrub and hydrator (moisturizer) and they’ve helped a lot in controlling my oily t-zone.  They contain AHAs and BHAs which help in unclogging pores, exfoliation, and balancing sebum production. For my cleanser, whether it’s morning or night, I love to use the Cerave foaming cleanser for oily/combo skin. If I wore makeup that day then I do a double cleanse using the Farmacy cleansing balm that you mentioned. 


I use to to never use moisturizer because my skin was already so oily or it would cause my skin to break out, but the Ole Henriksen hydrator is so nice and calming. It absorbs quickly too! I would also recommend the First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream. I use that one as a body or face moisturizer. 


Another toner that I love using is the Son and Park beauty water. It’s very gentle and leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It’s also great at removing makeup!  


I hope this helps! 


Thank you for your recommendations!! I will look into these! 


I love the Son and Park Beauty Water too @CakesCakes! It is so magical and literally is "Beauty Water". The toner leaves my skin so refreshing and has also helped brighten my complexion a little (even before I started using Vitamin C). Plus, I use it as a mist during the day to add a little hydration. I totally forgot to mention this product to @alejandra1212.


@juliehnguyen I agree! It’s so magical!! And I also use it halfway through the day too. 😊 I can’t recommend it enough! 


I used to be extremely oily as well. It was when I started using Sunday Riley Luna and Good Genes that I saw a HUGE difference. This is probably because they’re AHAs. Acids will help exfoliate your skin and all the other amazing ingredients will help hydrate, causing your skin to produce less oil. I also use a Clarisonic and that has also helped a lot too. Sunday Riley has truly worked miracles on my skin and something I recommend alllllll the time.


It is likely that your skin is dehydrated so it is over-producing oil to compensate. I'd recommend hydrating your skin your first priority @alejandra1212. Products that have helped hydrated my dehydrated prone combination skin are the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin cream, the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, and using sheet masks, such as the Too Cool for School Egg Creme Mask. The ceramidin cream may seem heavy at first but it goes on very smoothly and does not leave a sticky feeling. Also, exfoliating 1-2x a week to remove dead cells and using a clay mask once a week to clean out your pores helps. After using these products consistently, my oil production has been regulated a lot. I no longer have to reach out for a million blotting sheets. And don't forget to drink lots of water and when trying a new product patch test it first and introduce only one product at a time.


Thank you for the recommendations! What do you use to remove your makeup and cleanse your face? I have also noticed that with most mattifying primers (especially beck ever matte primer) it makes my skin produce SO much oil its insane. And I feel like the only foundation that remotely works for me is ELDW


I use the Tatcha One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup @alejandra1212. I've used many types of makeup removers but all of them have left my skin feeling dry and tight and this is the only one I discovered so far that leaves my skin soft. I do not like to use conventional micellar water with cotton pads to remove my makeup because I find it to be too harsh on my face and especially my eyes. After the cleansing oil, I use either the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser or the Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Cleanser (which is great if you have acne-prone skin because of the tea-tree oil that helps calm the skin). Both of these have a pH that fall within the skin's natural pH level so it won't disrupt the skin's natural moisture barrier. If you are on the lookout for cleansers, I'd also recommend to stay away from foaming cleansers because they tend to strip moisture from your skin more than gel cleansers. And I no you didn't ask about moisturizer but the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream has helped save me from the dry and harsh winter weather. Also, it is likely that the matte primer is drying out your skin. Definitely look into a Moisturizing primer. And girl I'm on the same boat as you for foundations! I love how mattifying products look and how they provide a full coverage but they dry my skin out way too much!


Omigosh thank you so much for this!!! I will look into these products and get some samples!! Yes! I am not quite sure what route to go in when it comes to foundations and primers! 


You're welcome @alejandra1212! I'm glad I could help. And yes samples are the way to go when you are unsure what products works best for your skin! Also, as mentioned prior, don't forget to test out only one product at a time to know which products works best and which does not. 

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