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Hi I am in need of a new moisturizer. I have kind of combination skin but it is more oily than it is dry.  Most of the time my skin is pretty oily but it can get dry also if I don't use any moisturizer.

Re: Mosturizer

Are you wanting a day or night time moisturizer?

Re: Mosturizer

I am looking for both a day and night time moisturizer.

Re: Mosturizer

A gel formula moisturizer is usually a great choice for combo skin- Clinique Dramatically Different Gel and Moisture Surge are 2 of my favorites. I have also heard good things about Philosophy's take a deep breath. Gel formulas will sink right in without leaving any heaviness/residue and will take care of any dry areas without increasing oil production. Smiley Happy

Re: Mosturizer

I actually am scraping the bottom of the Clinique Dramatically Different Gel and there is almost nothing left and I wasn't sure if I wanted to but it again or try something new.

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