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Post in Oily Skin

Moisturizer necessary when using serum?

Having oily skin I've been finding that my skin feels better when I use my Orgin's skin brightening serum and skip moisturizer.  Is moisturizer really necessary if I'm using a serum?  If so, any suggestions?  I'm currently using Boscia's Black Hydrating Gel.  So far it's the best I've found, but I still think my skin looks and feels better if i skip it.

Hi 12BPretty - I forgot to ask you if you us Clarisonc, d...

Hi 12BPretty - I forgot to ask you if you us Clarisonc, do you? I have and Love it !!! This will get rid of dead skin and makeup help your products geett right to the fresh new skin and not have to fight it's way through any schmutzy stuff on your skin. You don't have to use morning and night, some people do, some don't, it's up to you...well actually it's up to your skin! If you don't currently use one then I would say use it once daily in the beginning. Also, look for sales, QVC will likely have a special TSV before X-mas.(that means Todays Special Value and is an item, with those exact extras, that will never have a lower price. That's when I got mine, a few years back during the holidays. You can get it there anytime but will spend more then if you wait for the TSV. ((sorry sephora- but that will leave people more money to spend here and get their replacement heads)


Of course, if you already have one already this is just a waste, Well, maybe it will help someone else.Smiley Happy

Re: Hi 12BPretty - I forgot to ask you if you us Clarisonc, d...

no I don't use it. thanks for the suggestion and tip!

You should always listen to your skin. My mom have oily s...

You should always listen to your skin. My mom have oily skin and she refuse to use more than 1 product on her face, so I chose anti-aging serums rather than moisturizers since serums are more potent. I was worried since even oily skin needs some hydration, but she liked serum much much better than moisturizer.


Moisturizer is necessary because even oily skin can get dehydrated, but in your case it sounds like your oily skin is perfectly fine without moisturizer. By all means, ditch the moisturizer at night. However, SPF during the day is necessary regardless of moisturizer, so you can get a moisturizer with SPF, or one of the super liquidy serums with SPF like Origins Perfect World SPF35, or Clinique City Block SPF 40 and such.

Hi 12Bpretty - Everybody's different and it all depends w...

Hi 12Bpretty - Everybody's different and it all depends what works for you, Moisturizer isn''t always necessary,You may find that with Fall & Winter coming you may need to change things up. I'm not familiar with Origins Serum, although Josie Marin's Argon Oil (which is now a cosmetics line as well) is Wildly popular -that doesn't mean you should change, just throwing out there. If you find that you're feeling dry when it gets colder than a moisturizer over your serum may be necessary.


Your age is a factor in your choice of moisturizer, Philosophy has a number of moisturizers, Hope in a Jar may be good for you, it's good for most ages, I've used it but I'm hyper-sensitive to smellls and it smells like 'wet-dog'  to me. But they've sold probably milliions so obviously, it can't be that bad. I had the same problem with their face cleanser(it had kind of a rose smell, but I now love it-the product, not the smell.) but was able to tolerate it and get past it. If you have acne Phil Hope in a Bottle is awesome, even good for oily skin. Clinique is good and gentle, Bare Minerals -BE- has a good moisturizer, I like that it's all so natural. If we knew your age range, and more about your skin, it might make it easier to recommend something, 


I say dump the Boscia, it doesn't appear to be doing you any favors. Serum always goes before moisturizer and it's good to wait a little between applying each, if you can.


HOWever........The biggest deal is SPF, you have to use it, it's not an option. Peter Thomas Roth makes one in powder form that's in a pre-loaded cartridge with a brush on the end, it works on your face too I believe.(I think there a few other brands too that you can just brush on your face & body) They said it has no expire date when I saw it, so that's a bonus. You can stash them anywhere, even in your glove compartment! Bare Minerals has SPF in theiir foundation and possibly in their Mineral Viel. So maybe something like that would work for you. Also, You Need To Faithfully use eye cream (if you're not already) one during the day with SPF and another at night. Start working on your neck too, the sooner the better,


If you are very young, you don't have to get wrapped up in all of the fancy/schmancy cutting edge ingredients and spending mad crazy money for the future. Heck, if you start with all of this 'stuff' you might not even need hardcore products as you age!!


Let me/us know if you want to give more info so we can give your more specific answers, Good luck. Smiley Happy Hope this helped,

Re: Hi 12Bpretty - Everybody's different and it all depends w...

Thank you. It is helpful. I'm 33 and I have a few fine lines and some sun damage and visible pores are also a concern of mine. I do not use and eye cream and don't have any specific eye area concerns at this time, but I have heard that it is very important. I really don't know what to look for in one though so suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks again!

I believe an oil-free moisturizer is still necessary, and...

I believe an oil-free moisturizer is still necessary, and by choosing gel moisturizers, like you have been doing so, it does help. But I will say that it's important to allow enough time for your serum to penetrate your skin before applying moisturizer. There are those who take 5 minutes to apply and then, there are those who take 20 minutes. It really depends on your skin. If you apply your serum, your skin should not feel sticky afterwards. Your skin shouldn't start pilling after applying your moisturizer. If any of those effects start occurring, that means you have to wait longer. I hope this helps and good luck!

Hi 12BPretty,   Can I ask what type of serum you're using...

Hi 12BPretty,


Can I ask what type of serum you're using?  Is it a retinol?  I use a retinol serum maybe twice a week.  I do this before bed.  I make sure I let it absorb.  I add a lightweight oil free moisturizer over it.  I use the serum at night to prevent skin sensitivity to the sun.  Make sure you use a sunscreen for daily wear.  Have you tried Philosophy: Take a Deep Breath oil free gel - cream moisturizer.  It's lightweight and feels like a gel - cream.  It's great because it's a great mult-purpose cream.  I used it in the morning and then over my serum at night.  Good luck!

Re: Hi 12BPretty,   Can I ask what type of serum you're using... this is a link to the serum. I've never tried the Philosophy you mentioned. Maybe I'll get a sample and see how it works. Thanks for the advice!
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