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Post in Oily Skin

Moisturizer HELP!!

I need a new moisturizer and after reading lots of reviews i've narrowed it down to about 5 so if you have tried any of these please let  me know how they worked out for you. Also i have oily skin, prone to breakouts (especially when trying new products) and redness with sensitivity. So im looking for one that kinda does it all. My main concerns are oiliness throught the day and acne scars so id like it to help with both of those and i only need a morning moisturizer got the nightime one covered. 

1. Ole Hen.

-vitamin plus or sheer transformation

2. Kate Somerville

-oil free or Goats milk

3. Korres

-pomegrante balancing- i got a sample of this not sure how i feel about it tho, made my skin kinda oily a couple hours after applying maybe i used too much tho

4. Bliss

-energizing+ C cream

5. Fresh

-umbian clay

6. Boscia

-revitalzing black

Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

Out of your list I've only tried OH Sheer Transformation & Boscia Revitalizing Black. I really liked the Boscia until it started to give me blackheads all over after about a month of use. Once I stoped using it they went away so I know it was from that. Sheer Transformation is AMAZING! It absorbs quickly so you don't feel greasy, helps with breakouts and helps to lighten any scars/marks you might have. My skin is super smooth/soft after using it & it has a nice matte finish.

Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

I am between your #5 and #6 right now.


I have been using Boscia for a few months. Love the texture and how it absorbs so quickly. Also love the cooling effect. The reason I decided to look for something better is because I felt oilier than I ever had before. 


I'm testing out Fresh right now bc it claims to be more mattifying. I've been using it for almost a week now. I also don't love the texture as much - but I think I might just prefer gels rather than lotion.


If i decide to go back to Boscia, I will prob have to add a t-zone treatment for oiliness.  I should note that I got lots of compliments on my skin when using Boscia.


Good luck!

Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

I notice it's been a while since you first posted.  What cream did you end up picking? 


If you  haven't picked, I've tried Bliss and OH Sheer transformation.  I find that the Bliss absorbs really quickly, but it doesn't moisturize as sell as the OH.  It's more expensive too, and since I have to use more to get the same amount of moisture, it goes a lot more quickly. 


Actually, if I lived in a humid environment, I would pick Bliss over OH, but I live in dry L.A. so I stick with OH.

Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

I have the same skin type- I thought I was the only one!   I've tried Ole Henriksen's Sheer Transformation, but it felt a little too greasy for daytime.  

A Sephora gal recommended Nude skin care line & I was impressed with the samples she gave me.  I'll be purchasing their day lotion- I desperately need a good moisturizer.  You should look into the Nude line- caution- it is pricey!

Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

Boscia: Overpriced, poor results.

Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

So I typically have oily VERY acne prone skin.  I bought the Fresh  Umbrian Clay Moisturizer as a summer moisturizer recently (my skin freaked out when I moved last year and now is more combination in the winter so I have to use a heavier product).  I really like it so far.  It is so light and not greasy when I put it on.  It's still a little light for right now but as the weather gets warmer, I'm sure it will be great.  I'm super excited to use it this summer.  It's not quite a lotion consistency which I like.

Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

I have very similar skin. Red, acne-prone, combination, sensitive.  What I found that works best is not available at Sephora (yet!!) - Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Face Lotion. (Not "...Treatment Lotion," which is essentially a toner.) 


I love it because it's very light, works well in summer and winter (though in California, winters aren't very cold). Doesn't make me break out, is calming, and the fragrance doesn't make my skin react. I've been using it for about 4+ years, on and off, and I notice that my skin is always better when I'm using it. I've tried Korres, Clinique, Perricone, Bare Escentuals, CeraVe, and Cetaphil, and nothing else has worked.


No more dry patches or oily patches. Just smooth, well-hydrated, comfortable skin.  That said, I still have redness across cheeks and nose, and occasional acne despite my best efforts. But it's no small help that my skin is hydrated enough to wear foundation without looking like a patchy, mask-wearing freak.  


It has no SPF so I use it day and night. It's pricey, but I haven't found any better alternatives.


I've been getting this product directly from the Origins website, and will do so until Sephora decides to start offering this Face Lotion along with the other Dr. Weil for Origins products Sephora is currently offering.

Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

I am love with Kate Somerville's goat milk cream. That stuff was my holy grail. My skin never looked so good as it did when using this moisturizer (I have oily/acne prone skin). Unfortunately I have to finish up another brand moisturizer that was given to me then I'm switching back! Also remember to use a little bit as it goes a very long ways. It lasted me forever.

Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

It sounds like your skin is much like mine.  I've tried a few of these, but haven't yet found one to be the "perfect" one for me.


Ole Hen Vitamin Plus: found it to be too heavy for me, didn't seem to really absorb and I really didn't care for the texture. I didn't even finish my sample Smiley Sad


Ole Hen Sheer Transformation:  This again I found to be too thick/heavy for my skin for daytime use.  I do love it, but only for night time when the weight doesn't bother me so much.


Boscia Revitalizing Black: I agree that the container makes it impossible to know how much is left, which is not a plus.  The black color and "gold shimmer" in my experience disappears when you apply it.  I really liked the cooling feeling it had when first applying it, but I felt like my skin looked and felt better without it so I kept searching.  I would say that at leat for the oiliness I liked it better than the Ole Hen mentioned above. 


Korres Pomegranate Balancing: This is what I'm currently using. I use it very sparingly and give it a little time to soak in.  So far it's the best for me I've found.  I still don't feel like it's the perfect match, but my skin feels hydrated without feeling greasy.  It doesn't really seem to help a whole lot with oiliness, but it doesn't seem to make it worse either.


If you find your "perfect match" I'd love to hear what it was!



Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

Definitely Kate Somerville goats milk.. Perfect for sensitive skin, hydrating yet light - weight so won't clog pores. Doesn't use fragrance like some of the others mentioned.Also uses lactic acid so will help even out skin from acne scars. You will love this moisturizer!

Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

The Sheer transformation, The Kate Somerville oil free or the Boscia black are the three I would narrow it down to. Hope this helps!

Re: Moisturizer HELP!!

I've tried 4 of those, here's my take:

- Boscia Revitalizing Black: it's a black gel with tiny gold shimmer (not a fan of the shimmer, the black disappears after you rub it into the skin). The container annoys the hell out of me (press down dispenser, while it's good you are not contaminating/exposing it, you don't know how much is left and it's weird trying to control how much to use). I don't have super oily skin, so I prefer charcoal in masks that can be washed off, not in moisturizers. It does provide refreshing lightweight hydration, but for that I recommend their other oil-free line.

- BLISS Oxygen+C energizing: it is very liquidy, kind of a cross between lotion and gel. It's peach colored with the typical light citrus scent. Probably because of the oxygen, but there are tiny bubbles in the jar (jar is very thick, outward appearance is much bigger than amount of product inside). However, because it's a liquid gel thing, you don't need much (if you do apply too much, it can flake, as all gel do). I enjoy it over the summer because it feels nice and I don't wake up oily. But, it's not enough hydration in the winter unless you got super oily skin.

- Korres Pomegranate Balancing: yeah Korres moisturizers feel more...dense/oily on the skin, so apply sparingly. It is nice, but doesn't give that watery/refreshing feeling other moisturizers give, and I'm not quite a fan of the dense/oil feeling (even tho I've used facial oils, pfft).

- Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation: I enjoy this one very much. It does have dimethicone, but it doesn't block pores. It's a light creamy texture that melt into your skin. It sounds like your skin is oilier than mine so I suggest apply sparingly. It works with all treatments I've paired it with and does not irritate/hurt when my skin is raw/irritated from wind/peels etc. It is my moisturizer of choice in the winter (most of the time, unless my skin flips out and decide to turn into a desert, in which case Argan Oil it is).


So that's that. My impression is that Kate Somerville is pretty lightweight and Fresh is a gentle cream. So, I would suggest Boscia, Kate Somerville, or BLISS in the summer/when your skin is super oily; and Ole Henriksen, Korres, or Fresh in the winter. Apply sparingly, since it's easier to build up than to take off the excess.


You MUST use an SPF during the day, so if the moisturizer you chose don't have SPF, take the layering into consideration. If your SPF is powder, then wear whatever. But if your SPF is in form of serum/lotion/tinted moisturizer/foundation etc, maybe go with a lighter moisturizer.

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