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Post in Oily Skin

Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

Hi! So I normally use St. Ives Apricot scrub, ProActive, Ole Henruksen Truth creme as a followup moisturizer since proactive dries up my skin. Then I own smash box, Benefit Porefessional, Mac primers, and Urban Decay De-slick (I don't use all at once)... no matter what, by the time I get to work I'm shiny, and by lunch my makeup is patchy and melting off my face. I own several different foundations/matte powders etc etc but my oily skin always wants to make an appearance!! Any suggestions on what I should change? I've tried using Purity cleanser and a dior toner but I broke out. ProActiv works on keeping my skin clear but my skin gets dried out unless I use the Ole Hen as a followup. HELP Smiley Sad

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

Thanks SO much everyone!!!!!! I really appreciate all the feedback! #1 I'll DEFINITELY stop using the St. Ives, I had no idea!!! My skin gets flaky sometimes so I was thinking I had to use that scrub, but that might've been what was causing it!?  Will likely stop by Sephora tomorrow to check out some of the products you all suggested, maybe that Boscia clear complextion line and Tarte Amazonian clay foundation.

I'll let you know an update once I figure out my game plan and start testing out some products. Really appreciate your help!!!

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

Though it's beneficial to exfoliate, the number of times you do a week and also what you use can factor into how your skin regenerates and at what speed. If you overexfoliate or use products that are too rough for too long, your skin gets the message to keep producing skin cells faster and quicker to try to keep up with replacing cells you're scrubbing off, leading to possibly over producing skin cells, causing areas to be dry and flaky.


Start with exfoliating once a week for starters, bumping it up to twice if need be. If certain areas are still super flaky, you can focus on just those areas with your exfoliator even up to three times. Use gentle pressure and a mild massaging technique rather than pressing and grinding product into your skin. This will allow the product to do its job for you rather than have you stress out problem areas.


Keep us posted and if you have any other questions, let us know or even feel free to shoot me a message directly!

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

Like others have mentioned, the St. Ives Spricot scrub is very harsh on skin! Scrubs using sugar granuals or crushed, fruit seed powders tend to be more coarse on skin as the particles are uneven and jagged, increasing the chances of being more abrassive and even tearing at skin's delicate surface, irritating and inflamming the surface. If you're using ProActive to treat acne, avoid using scrubs that are that rough as it will only make your blemished areas more sensitized. If you have to have a scrub with physical particles rather than use a chemical based exfoliant, try Boscia's Facial Smoothing Polish or the Botanical Buffing Beads from Peter Thomas Roth. Boscia's uses sugar polymers that are soft and delicate and PTR uses jojoba beads to still give you that physical sensation of exfoliation without scratching.


If you're wanting to try a chemical based exfoliant, try a wash with glycolic acids (fruit enzymes and sugars, also known as alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs) and/or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs, or more commonly, salicylic acid). Chemical based exfoliants don't just break down dead skin at the surface, but they also work on a cellular level to promote healthy cellular regeneration, so problematic areas (be it acne prone, suffering from dark spots/post acne marks, or even dry areas) are smoother as time goes on. Anthony Logistics' Glycolic Wash is great as it has no extra filler or irritating ingredients, and is infused with aloe to soothe and Peter Thomas Roth's Gently Complexion Correction Pads are great to swipe on for a quick application.


ProActive can be drying on skin, most clients and friends I've known that used that line always had the same issue, being that it clears up skin, but also dries it out. The combination of all the active ingredients in PA can lead to this issue as overloading your skin with acne based treatments can result to this effect. If you want to see what eles is on the market for acne products/linesm try Murad's Acne Complex (a 30 day kit is available with various products from the line that you can test and try out) or Boscia's Clear Complexion kit (a preservative free line that uses botanical ingredients like willow herb, a natural source of salicylic acid, and jojoba leaf extract to soothe). 


The Ole Truth cream may be a bit rich for day time use, on top of that, it does not contain SPF, which is vital regardless of skin type or issues. SPF can help protect skin not just from oxidative and UV damage, but also help provide a protective barrier for your acne prone skin that is being treated and sensitized with the PA. Peter Thomas Roth's Clini-Matte lotion has SPF 20, so it provides UV protection and helps with mattifying skin from excessive oil production. If you like the texture and feel of the Ole cream, stick to using that at night.


Urban Decay's DeSlick isn't a primer, apply that after your moisturizer to target areas and then top it off with a primer like Benefit's Porefessional (which also helps to mattify and can be tapped on over make up throughout the day to absorb shine rather than cake out powder or use blotting sheets). 


Which foundations have you tried or do you currently use? If your skin is excessively oily, try looking into mattifying formulas or powder foundations as they generally rest better on oily skin. MUFE's Velvet Mat liquid, MUFE's Duo Matte powder foundation, Kat Von D's Lock It liquid, Benefit's Hellow Flawless powder foundation, and Tarte's Amazonian Clay liquid foundation may be options you look into to help with mattifying. The MUFE products will be more on the full coverage side, while the KVD liquid is buildable and starts at medium coverage, so does the Tarte liquid, which has their Amazonian clay to help absorb and control oil, The Benefit powder is completely buildable from light to full coverage and comes with a brush (for light touch ups) and a sponge (for fuller coverage) so it allows a lot of flexibility, it can also be used to top off liquid foundations. 


Try also looking into a make up setting spray. Urban Decay's All Nighter is a start, they also have their DeSlick spray which helps to hold make up on and mattify, and Kat Von D makes a setting spray as well.



Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

I just remembered, Ole's Truth cream does come in a day time formula with SPF, is that what you're using after the PA? Or is it the regular formula?


Either way, the formula may be a bit rich for you to use during the day so you may consider switching.

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

I have the SPF version. And my error, I should've stated I only use that at night time before I go to bed. The main reason I like using it is I noticed that the lines in my forehead don't stick around like they used to. I sound super attractive from this post LOL.

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

Don't be silly! Smiley Tongue I have the non-SPF version, which you can try to keep in your routine at night as when you're resting it's not in sun exposure. If you've got 100 points perk to spend, they have Ole's Truth Serum, which I love. It's like a concentrated form of all the vital ingredients in the Truth cream, being the vitamin C, antioxidants, and sodium hyaluronate (a humectant that binds healthy moisture to skin to plump lines).


I use that on my skin and also on portions of post acne marks or minor areas of discoloration to help even out my skin tone, and it's safe for day and night use as it doesn't have any ingredients to make your skin sensitized to light.


I recommend looking into a day lotion with SPF, the PTR one I mentioned will help mattify so you don't rely solely on your make up/cosmetics to handle that issue for you.


Best of luck! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

The St Ives scrub is soooooo bad for your skin. Try using the Murad Acne complex line along with the oil control mattifier and then use a primer made for oily skin like the Kat Von D rehab elixir along with the Kat Von D setting spray that she also makes, using all this together will help you get where you want to be. Also another recommendation for primer would be the hourglass mineral veil primer and the Hourglass Immaculate liquid powder foundation and you get set with just the smallest amount of the HD powder (my fave) from MUFE.Hope this helps!

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

Stop the scrub! My dermatologist told me to not ever use abrasive scrubs like that. A washrag when used gently works fine. I've had the clarisonic for about 2-3 weeks and absolutely love it. Maybe don't use the proactive every day to give your skin a break, then you won't need so much moisturizer. I like Cetaphil, it's cheap, gets rid of oil, and feels great, and it's gentle! I'm on prescription strength acne products so I take a day off every so often and lather on Clinique's moisture surge. The gel-like formula doesn't make me super oily. Have you ever tried oil sheets? Before using acne products my skin was much oilier and I had to use 1-2 every day. Walgreen's has their own brand which is cheaper than Clean & Clear and it works great. I also like Covergirl translucent powder.  I know oil is gross, but keep this in mind, you will be much less likely to have deep wrinkles in old age! If all else fails, a dermatologist may help you out. I suffered with adult acne for about a year before I finally saw one and I'm so much happier I finally did!

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

I totally agree about stopping the scrubs completely scrubbing oily prone acne skin with scrubs is only going to produce more oil which gives you more acne. Hope this helps!

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

I've tried St. Ives scrub and found it to be abrasive and drying (look for artificial round beads in scrubs, if you really like nutshells, make sure it's in a creamy base instead of watery solution like St. Ives), follow that up with ProActive will probably overdry your skin, at which point it tries to compensate by producing more oil faster.


1. Change the scrub. I advise changing one item at a time, and let's start with the scrub. Try Clinique 7 day scrub cream, which is thicker but gentler. The creamy part shouldn't bother you since you are following it up with ProActive afterwards. Also, you are suppose to use scrubs only 1-2 times a week.

2. Go minimal. OH Truth creme is rich. Are you using ProActive in the morning, too? Does your face feel dirty/oily in the morning? if not, then try a gentle cleanser and moisturizer in the morning. Do you use Truth creme, sunscreen, primer, foundation at the same time? That's a lot for your face. Go for a moisturizer with SPF, primer/foundation where needed, and finish off with mattifying powder. Good skin starts with skincare, and other posters have given excellent recommendations regarding make up. You can also search the forum for oily skin make up.


For gentle cleanser and hydrating moisturizers, Boscia oil-free line, Origins checks and balances, Clarins gentle cleanser, Clinique moisture surge are all worth checking out and shouldn't break you out. Some of the Philosophy are a bit chemical heavy, and, don't know about Dior, but some products of international brands like Lancome/Estee Lauder tend to have a lot of fragrance that can irritate. Since what you have is dehydrated oily skin, what you need is not a rich creme for dry skin, but something lighter but sinks in deeper to treat dehydration.

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

The problem is prob less about the makeup and more about the skin care you're using.  If you're stripped or dehydrated, your body will produce more oil.  So, while you don't want to literally use oil on your skin, you do want a gentle cleanser with low/no suds and a product with salicylic acid in it to clean your pores without stripping.  Follow that cleanser with a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid (water to your skin) in it, and you've got the solution.


I personally use Murad's Time Release Cleanser and Age-Fighting Moisturizer.  Love them!  Then, for makeup, I use Tarte's 12-Hour Foundation and finishing powder (the white stuff).  Unbelievable difference in my skin and makeup after just 1 day of using them!  I'm a nurse and get oily just by the heat I work in alone, but this product line-up is truly changing things forever for me.  So, I can say I'm now hooked and getting incredible benefits!

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

I have a really oily t-zone & just started using Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24hr and could not be happier. I find that most days I don't even have to blot anymore! I think I have found my forever foundation. It has a gorgeous finish and a ton of shades. I dust translucent powder to set it and finish with a spritz of De-Slick and I'm good to go for the day!

Re: Makeup melt down prevention/new skin care routine

I have the same problem as you! my skin is incredible oily. The Tarte Amazonian clay foundation absorbs oil really well. I started using that over the summer when my oily skin & the humidity became unbearable. I havent looked back! 

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