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Post in Oily Skin

Make up coming off of glasses/sunglasses

For my avid glasses and sunglasses users What do you guys do (or is there even a fix?!) for when your makeup comes off where your glasses/sunglasses sits??? My face is pretty oily in my t zone and usually about an hour after wearing sun/glasses the make up in that area is completely gone 😫 I already using setting powder and spray for my face and that seems to be really the only problem area Cross posted to the combo page

RE: Make up coming off of glasses/sunglasses

As someone who’s been wearing glasses and sunglasses for years, I can honestly tell you that your makeup will come off no matter what. BUT you can try to minimize it through using NerdWax as it should help not them from slipping and reduce pulling off all of your makeup. I’d still recommend keeping a spare pressed powder foundation in your purse though!

Re: RE: Make up coming off of glasses/sunglasses

thank you!!

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