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Is lancome skincare worth the money?

Hi! I went to my friends house yesterday and my skin was really oily from a long hot day. So I washed my face with her lancome foam face wash.  I went out of the bathroom to dry my face and didn't see my skin till I got home around a hour and a half later my skin looked so fresh and nice. So I'm scared to buy a $32 face wash because it is pricey for something you might need to buy over and over again. I have oily skin (really oily with the summer coming up) is there any other cheaper versions of the face wash? Also my skin has been breaking out a bit, and though out the day my face gets oilier and oilier and my makeup sweats off. Please help? <3


In my opinion, no. Lancome is not worth the money for a f...

In my opinion, no. Lancome is not worth the money for a few different reasons. One they completely over charge for the products! Two, they use mineral oil. Meaning any beneficial ingredients it does have in it, won't penetrate your skin because the molecules of mineral oil are much bigger than your pores, therefore they will not absorbe the nutrients. Three, they are French formulated, which is better than US formulated, however, there are much better products to use then department store brands. Arbonne is one of the best brands you can find.  

It depends if the products work for your skin or not.  If...

It depends if the products work for your skin or not.  If there is at least one comparable or better product at a lower price point then no.  On the other hand if nothing else seems to work as well, it may be something worth adding to your skincare routine.  Would also encourage to try a sample of the Lancome for about a week and see if the results are the same, better, or worse. 


Another thing to consider is how long does the product last?  Does it run out within a month or a couple of months?  Ask the friend how long it takes her to go through one bottle of the product.  Some products may have scary prices but have great longevity (IE Skyn Iceland's Glacial Face Wash ~30 USD; lasts for at least 4 months).


If close to a Sephora, see if a cast member can make samples of facial washes that are not as expensive as the Lancome. Sometimes the online offers and promotions will have a deluxe facial cleanser sample.  To check BI offers, click on either the offers or  ___points link at the top of the browser after signing in.  To see the latest promotions, type in promotions into the search bar.


Not near a Sephora:  Not too many other places will provide free samples (department stores vary by employee).  See if there is a small travel size or a store with a decent return policy. 


As for the other concerns; are the breakouts spread out or concentrated around certain areas?  Do blotting sheets help throughout the day or seem ineffective?


Hope that helps.

Re: It depends if the products work for your skin or not.  If...

Actually Ran, a lot of department stores will make samples but you need to be willing to ask for it. I have been to a lot of department store counters and they have been more than willing to help me out whenever it came to samples.

Re: It depends if the products work for your skin or not.  If...

As why it says it _varies by employee_. Shiseido counters are usually more accommodating and have sample packets/cards at their disposal. It is hit or miss depending on who is behind the counter. IE: One Guerlain rep had no issues giving me samples while the other one was apprehensive.

Sephora on the other hand usually has no qualms with samples despite location(s).

Different people have different skincare needs depending...

Different people have different skincare needs depending on environment, diet and skin conditions. What's perfect for others may not be perfect for you, and what's perfect for you may not be perfect for others. What I do when I found a favorite from an expensive skincare line is to search for kits or promotions that have the item with it, so that way it's not too expensive and I get to try the whole line, because sometimes the cleanser feels great/terrible but when you try it along with rest of the regimen that go with it, the whole thing is terrible/great.


For lancome, right now they are having the promotion at Macys where you get eye/face/body cream and some make up for a Lancome purchase. Since you already know you like the cleanser, I suggest taking the advantage of the promotion to buy the cleanser and get the creams for free. This way you can try the whole line for the price of 1.

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