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Post in Oily Skin

I'm 24 years old with oily skin, frequent breakouts and tons of clogged pores/blackheads

I have tried everything, all the acne systems, birth control, peels, facials, now I use a cream cleanser and mild moisturizer. NOTHING WORKS. My breakouts are not severe, but my skin is not what it could be. What will fix me??

I've dealt with on and off acne all my life too and I'm i...

I've dealt with on and off acne all my life too and I'm in my mid-30's now.  Personally I saw a huge difference once I started using a Clarisonic daily with juice Beauty.  My skin can be sensitive too and Juice Beauty made a huge difference.  I also am prone to breaking out on my chin and t-zone too which I've been told is usually hormonal, so I've gotten into the habit of applying a good acne cream with silastic acid in those areas BEFORE I breakout, especially around "that time of the month".  All these things have helped but nothing's taken it away completely.  Everyone is different, so don't give up.  Keep trying different products and eventually you'll find what works for you.

Sister we are in the same boat. In fact, if I didnt know...

Sister we are in the same boat. In fact, if I didnt know any better id say it was me who posted the question. And Philosiphy's on a clear day is the way to go! it is the ONLY face lotion that keeps my oil at bay, Ive been using it for years. Also, try Dr. Brandt's laser lightening cream. Whenever Im having a break out problem, i slather it on before bed (its a night cream) and it fades any dark spots, reduces pimple size, and evens my skin tone by morning. EVERY. SINGLE.TIME. it is a lightener, so i would only recommend using it for a few nights in a row if you are medium-dark skinned or value your tan. If you are fair skinned, then let 'er rip every night!

i can't say this will "fix" you, but try switch...

i can't say this will "fix" you, but try switching to philosophy's "on a clear day" or "completely clear" skin systems. i find it moisturizes enough for my acne-prone skin, while offering some retinol in there, too. and benzoyl peroxide in a low concentration is just as effective as higher ones, without being irritating. little known fact: when you over-dry your skin (even if you're acne/oil-prone), it just produces more oil to make up the difference, which will make your breakouts worse. if my skin gets too dry, i use straight jojoba oil on it - it has a chemical similarity to your own skin, and won't make you break out!

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