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How do you get rid of older black heads?

I've had blackheads since 12 years old (I'm twenty three now). I exfoliate weekly and use facial masks 2-3 times a week. In addition, I use beta-hydroxy acid several times a week. I don't expect that my black heads will completely disappear but they not only remain stubbornly unchanged, they are slowly spreading into areas outside of my t-zone. What products should I try to keep them at bay? Is it time to visit the dermatologist?

Re: How do you get rid of older black heads?

Thank you all for your comments! Right now, I'm trying Origins Modern Friction and Dr. Brandt's Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner in a last ditch attempt to say "Hey, I really tried" before going to the dermatologist.


Re: How do you get rid of older black heads?

Exactly way to long I do know you are only supposed to self treat blackheads 3 months at most after that time to see the dermatologist.Save all the wasted money on the OTC products that won't work and just use it to go to the derm. Hope this helps!

Re: How do you get rid of older black heads?

I'm in the same boat as you, persistent blackheads regardless of my diligent treatment and countless products tried. I had my first trip to the dermatologist today and was given a prescription for retin-a. I know how frustrating it is so I would say just go to the derm and get a solution once and for all Smiley Happy

Re: How do you get rid of older black heads?

Hey Dasante! Helpful actually posted a topic about blackheads not long ago. Since your black heads are older and seem to be deeper and last for quite a time, you might consider getting them extracted from a dermatologist.


I did give some info on the process and how to go about seeking the service from a profession in Helpful's thread:

Re: How do you get rid of older black heads?

Pray. Then cry, whine and shout and Pray some more.(I hope that doesn't offend anyone, it's meant kind of jokingly, because I will Pray for anything....a good parking space, all green lights when I'm running late etc. Friends and family laugh, but hey, it can't hurt. I don't think there is any prayer quota - jeez, I sure as heck hope not!! Cause if so, I've used up a Lot!!


I haven't been on in a while and you're my 1st new question. Been really missing everyone even more than I would've thought, guess it helps me appreciate you all and this forum even more.


Now, down to your problem, this is a toughie, blackheads just don't want to go away and yes, as you've said, they can spread over time. A lot of products will say something like 'a visibly noticeable reduction in the appearance of pores' I find that sooo misleading. It's not reducing or making pores disappear it just can help them seem less noticeable temporarily.

Have you tried using Clarisonic? It might help, they have a special head for deep pores, that might help a bit if you follow up with products designed to help this issue. I Love Philosophy The Oxygen Peel, it's wonderful. Check out their products, you can even call them and ask for specifics, then you can come back and order here. I trust their products, I'm sure you'll get other product recommendations as well.

I'm leary of facials unless you have checked someone out thoroughly and have serious references. My mother had a Horrible experience and wound up with a huge bruised lump that didn't go away for maybe a year, no kidding. She went for an overall facial and issues with blackheads.

You might want to really go to a dermatologist, again, see if you can get references and do some research. Not all dermatologists are the same.

I hope this helps you somehow and hope you'll come back and let us know how you make out. Best of luck to you.

Have to go and catch up with one of my PM BF's, been MIA with her for a while too.

ps- didn't proof, hope not too many typo's

Re: How do you get rid of older black heads?

I hate to say it, but it's time to try either a facial with extractions (then follow up with your routine) or the dermatologist.  That's a long time to have persistent blackheads- time to get the pores opened up by a pro.

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