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Post in Oily Skin

Help! Makeup for summer.

Okay, well I have a big problem! I have really oily skin & its very gross after being out in the summer heat trying to get things done for work & coming back into the office looking a HOT MESS or even just running errands I just go out without makeup already looking horrible but I know it would turn out the same with makeup! & then on top of that in July I will be in my sister's wedding & I'm the maid of honor & so I need help on figuring out what is best to use a liquid, powder, or mineral for my face. So someone please help me! I would greatly appreciate it! 



Re: Help! Makeup for summer.

First of all, congratulations to your sister! And yay for you for being the maid of honor, that's so exciting! ((:


I have super oily skin that turns to an oil slick a couple hours after I wash my face, so I totally know what you're talking about. I really really recommend:


1. Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

This is amazing, and used in conjunction with the next product I'm going to mention, it helps your makeup stay so much longer. It also counteracts redness a little and feels amazing on your skin.


2. Hourglass Immaculate Foundation

I've probably tried most of the "mattifying" foundation at Sephora, and this is the only one that comes close to matching my oily skin. It dries down to a matte, powdery finish, and stays on so much longer than any of the other foundations I've tried without looking super cakey and just sliding off my face. Even if you don't try the primer I mentioned above (because I know Hourglass products are super pricey), definitely try this foundation!


3. Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray

This is a spray you spritz on before you put on makeup as a toner/primer and then again after you're done applying all your makeup. It gives everything a really natural finish and extends the life of your foundation.


4. Tarte Smooth Operator Setting Powder

This helps with the oiliness, although I've heard that some people like the Makeup Forever Microfinish Powder better. If you need extra coverage, I also find that setting a powder foundation on top of your liquid foundation helps it stay in place really well! I used to always do this when I needed some extra coverage.


Hope this helped, and congratulations again on the wedding! (:

Re: Help! Makeup for summer.

Oops, I meant to say Urban Decay DeSlick Setting Spray for 3. Sorry, I always get those two mixed up!

Re: Help! Makeup for summer.

Hi Michietee, 


Without going overboard and giving you too much information that may be confusing, I suggest you start off with a few basics in skincare to help your skin stay matte and shine free! The problem with some SPF products is that they can leave a whitish cast on your face so if you are looking for products for a wedding (where  you will definitely be photographed!) try products that are photography or HD designed to keep that flawless finish. 


First I recommend you look at a good mattifying moisturizer or primer, try also a matte setting powder either loose or pressed specifically for oily skin types and even a makeup setting spray! The Kat Von D has done miracles for my combination skin and so has the Clinique Blended Face Powder. (check out also the Laura Mercier Smooth Focus powder for oily skin)


swfupload_1372822696942970531.jpg swfupload_1786133150840598851.jpg swfupload_6191601672097404684.jpg



What do you currently use for skincare now? A mattifying moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated without being oily and a primer will keep your makeup staying on longer as well. 


Ren T Zone Balancing Day Fluid



Dr Brandt BB Matte



Nars Pro Prime Primer



Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Primer


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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