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Gel Liner for Oily Lids

Hey everyone! I've been using liquid liner for the past year and wanted to try something new. I've decided to get into gel liner but been having ZERO luck! I have Smashbox, Maybelline EyeStudio, and Wet N' Wild but none of them work. They either smudge or transfer to the top of my lid. It looks like I have major raccoon eyes! I just don't want to invest anymore money in liners that don't work!


I've also tried looking at MUFE eyeliner that everyone's talking about and I can't find it on the site.


Thanks in advance! 


Re: Gel Liner for Oily Lids

Hi LindzNitram-


I think you might be looking for the Make Up Forever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow. It a rich pigmented gel/cake liner that goes on smoothly and does not budge!

<3 Melissa

Re: Gel Liner for Oily Lids

Hi LindzNitram,


I have the same problem!  Unless I prime my lids or use a shadow based, my liner always gets on my lids Smiley Sad  I just picked up the Tarte EmphasEYES Waterproof Clay Shadow/Liner and it seems to be holding up well so far.  If you haven't tried that yet, I'd highly suggest it!  You can also try setting it with a black eye shadow, which always helps me Smiley Happy

Tarte - EmphasEYES™ Waterproof Clay Shadow / Liner


xo, Mia

Re: Gel Liner for Oily Lids

Loving the Tarte gel liners! Once they go on they don't budge all day, perfect! So easy to tightline as well.

Re: Gel Liner for Oily Lids

I second Melissa! Makeupforever carries excellent waterproof products, if you're having issues with the gel liner, their pencil liner is also surprisingly good, I've been using it for years now!

Re: Gel Liner for Oily Lids

Bobbi Brown is the best! Smiley Very Happy



Bobbi Brown - Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner



Re: Gel Liner for Oily Lids



I'm sorry to cut into this conversation, but there is such thing as oily lids? My makeup does the same thing! I use mascara and eyeliner and no matter what it seems to seep into the creases in my top lid! I never even thought that it could be due to oily lids because the rest of my skin used to be dry but since I have been using a strict skin care regimen I have been able to change my skin from being dry to normal. I use Urban Decay Primer Potion and it still gets all over my eyes. >(8( Can my eyelids be oily? 

Re: Gel Liner for Oily Lids


I'm looking into everything right now. I've also heard that Bobbi Brown is very good.

Another thing though is that I don't want to have to do anything extra before work(I'm very lazy as you can see!!! Lol!) So eye shadow is just not something I want to deal with.


And Greyes, I know my eye lids get VERY oily and by the end of the day all my shadow is in my crease... And I'm like, "Why do I even bother with the 15 minutes of agonizing work?!?" What a waste of time!


Anyway, Thanks again everyone... It definitely gives me some research to do. Love ya guys!

Re: Gel Liner for Oily Lids

I actually tried something this morning...I used Baby powder as a light base. I just tapped it on with an eye shadow brush and it absorbed some oil and I put it on around 8 AM and it's almost 5 and it still is staying in place. I was also thinking of using the wipes that absorb oil on your face? Anywo0o maybe this might be a quick fix? >(8D) 

Re: Gel Liner for Oily Lids

Baby powder is a great multi-tasking basic!


Those who want to try something that isn't so heavily talc based can used Too Faced's Primed & Poreless Powder (it's talc free and has a silica base). Though it's normally used as a finish powder I find for super oily (and I mean SUPER oily skin) can use is as a foundation primer and even a touch on lids because it's not as emollient as traditional primers.


Blotting sheets can be used on lids, but try to find gentle/nonscented kinds as to avoid risking irritation and using gentle pressure (barely pressing onto lids).

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