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Fresh umbrium clay treatment bar

 Hey, so i have been thinking about getting the Fresh umbrium clay treatment bar to use as a night time cleanser. i have oily skin with acne scars and occasional blemishes. Has anyone tried this? would it help my skin? Is it hard to use? thanks: )sephorea 16.jpg

Re: Fresh umbrium clay treatment bar

I have used it, and in fact I'm on my second bar!! I think it is really great, although I mostly use it as a mask that I leave on for like half an hour and then rinse off. As a mask it definitely helps calm blemishes and reduce oil, and I have noticed similar benefits on the few times I've used it just as a cleanser, like you're suggesting. I haven't noticed any effect on acne scars yet . . . stubborn things. I feel your pain Smiley Sad Anyway, it worked great for me and is definitely worth a try in my opinion.

Re: Fresh umbrium clay treatment bar

I use La Roche Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel. It helps get rid of bad oil, but doesn't over dry your skin. It's about $23 at Walgreens. It's gotten rid of most of my breakouts, except for a few which are almost healed up and gone!

Re: Fresh umbrium clay treatment bar

You know I've been contemplating on getting that, too, but I want to try using the Dove bar for a few days before doing so. I mean Dove is like $3 for a pack, and it has so many great reviews from acne-prone people from different websites. I would suggest doing so before getting the Umbrium Clay Bar. I hope this helps and good luck!

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