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Post in Oily Skin

Eyeliner for the waterline for oily eyes!

I apparently have the oiliest eyes ever! Any recommendations on a VERY black liner for my waterline? I have tried all the tricks, set with black eyeliner, set my powder under the eyes, dry my waterline, not putting creamy concealer close to the waterline. I have tried-All MAC liners, all Clinque liners, 24/7, Stila, Aqua eyes pencil and pot, Marc Jacobs pencil, Tarte (the litte one for the waterline and gel), Chanel, Estee Lauder, Bare Minerals. Gel liners-Bobbi Brown, Tarte, YSL. All drugstores. Just trying out Buxom, any other suggestions?

Re: Eyeliner for the waterline for oily eyes!

EM Cosmetics has a wonderfully water resistant eyeliner in a variety of colors. The second best water resistant liner is from Urban Decay and has even more shades available.

Re: Eyeliner for the waterline for oily eyes!

This is helpful for me too. Even waterproof mascara smudges due to my oily lids! Especially when I use face moisturizer with sunscreen. I haven't found a waterproof eyeliner that will stay put yet. Suggestions are appreciated! 

Re: Eyeliner for the waterline for oily eyes!

I received this Sumita Beauty Kala Color Intense Pencil with my last Glossybox and as someone who hasn't had much luck finding anything that would stay on my waterline (and subsequently stopped trying), this product works. 


Re: Eyeliner for the waterline for oily eyes!

Thank you.  I was referring to the part that is touching the eyes.  I may just have to get used to the lashline, it has to look better than racoon eyes! I do have some success with tightlining but it takes me a little extra time and usually dont have as much time in the morning. Thanks for your help! :-)

Re: Eyeliner for the waterline for oily eyes!

No problem! Smiley Happy


If it's the portion that's actually touching your eyes, oiliness might not have as much to do about it as stated below the waterline is well, always wet Smiley Tongue so even waterproof/longwear products eventually break down. I've had great success with Stila's Kajal pencils, though they're not advertised as waterproof, the ultra creamy and rich formula tends to last longer on the waterline area, the cake liners suggested in the below thread are also a great place to look if you've never tried cake liners before.


Best of luck! Again, if you're lining against the lashline (where product is touching the skin under lashes rather than the portion touching the eye itself), try applying a bit of eye shadow primer first then lay down your eye liner.

Re: Eyeliner for the waterline for oily eyes!

By chance could you clarify if you mean the waterline (portion that touches the eye itself) or the lashline?


Since the waterline is set in a naturally wet area as it's in constant contact with the eye, drying it off won't do any good because as soon as it's not tugged forward slightly to apply product, it's back to touching it eye while resting in its natural position.


The above thread has some break downs to clarify lining the lashline and the waterline (also referred to as "tight" lining).


If it's the lashline you're lining (where your product is essentially touching onto skin on the underside of bottom lashes or right at the base where your top lid meets your lashes, you might want to take a thin liner brush and apply a light application of eye shadow primer prior to lining to help grab hold of product better.

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