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Exfolikate Intensive vs Exfolikate Acne?

I got a sample of Exfolikate Acne and tried it out and I really love it! But the BA at Sephora said this one was more gentle than the original. I'm looking at purchasing one. I have acne and clogged pores and blackheads and while the acne one did help a little with those, I still feel like it could have done better. Also, I feel like the "scrub" in the acne one really didn't do's way too gentle to actually scrub anything away. Does the Intensive Exfolikate do a better job at declogging pores and blackheads? And does it do a better job at scrubbing? 

Re: Exfolikate Intensive vs Exfolikate Acne?

I like masks for clearing blackheads. Try the GlamGlow masks!

Re: Exfolikate Intensive vs Exfolikate Acne?

I have used both and thought the acne version was better. I think the original actually caused me to break out a little...

Re: Exfolikate Intensive vs Exfolikate Acne?

Both formulas rely on shared compounds of papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin enzymes to break down dead skin, even skin tone, and promote healthier cell regeneration along with the use of microbeads to give a physical form of exfoliation.


The Acne based formula contains a higher dose of salicylic acid, which is a beta hydroxy acid that targets and aims to keep pores clear, balance and rid excess oil, and can help greatly with blemishes. The Acne formula also contains green clay and balsam extract to balance oils but also soothe and prevent the over drying of skin.


The Intense (or regular Exfolikate) contains cinnamon, which the Gentle and Acne formulas do not contain. Cinnamon is a stimulate as well being a provider of extra anti-oxidants. Some find the cinnamon can be too stimulating on skin (it can cause a warm or tingling sensation) so it's important to pay attention to your skin and whether or not it's just stimulated or actually uncomfortable. You can still use the Intense Exfolikate if you do notice the tingling, but just don't leave it on as long, try rinsing after 30 seconds or a minute.


As both are physical and chemical based exfoliants, be sure to not use excessive pressure or be too rough on skin, let the physical particles do the work, moreso gently guiding and distributing product rather than pressing and grinding the scrub into skin. Let any of the formulas sit on skin for at least 30 seconds or more to let the chemical based exfolianting ingredients also work their magic! Smiley Happy


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