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Post in Oily Skin

Does anyone else out there have 60 year old oily acne prone skin? What do you use?

My skin must also be sensitive because even oil free moisturizers break me out!!!!  And what type of foundation do you use for 60 year old skin - I don't have that many wrinkles (that's one perk of oily skin) - but I still don't want to highlight the laughlines with thick foundation!!!!

Try Studio Gear's Flawless Finish Foundation or Urban Dec...

Try Studio Gear's Flawless Finish Foundation or Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation.


Both are oil free formulas with buildable coverage and semi-matte finishes. The slight dewiness it gives skin a healthy, hydrated look, not a greasy, oily look.


The SG one (Ulta/Macys) has sodium hyaluronate, which binds healthy moisture to skin so it minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The UD one contains peptides which also help to plump and firm the skin.



I have been struggling over the same thing for YEARS. I k...

I have been struggling over the same thing for YEARS. I know how frustrating it is. Here's what I learned from years of searching youtube.


For your acne - visit 

-        It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I didn't order their products, I found cheaper/ more convenient products at target/ Sephora/ online.


-   Products I use:


 Face Wash


  • To get makeup off $6 – Aveeno Foaming face pads (not the completion clearing just original)


  • To wash face in AM – Olay foaming face wash – sensitive or oil skin (the sensitive one I liked in the beginning but it doesn’t get as foamy as the other one)




  • Help with redness $35 – Philosophy Micro delivery Mini Peel Pads (they really help calm my skin once a day)


  • I liked the salicylic acid pads 1- 2% (I didn’t use them every day but they help to kill acne bacteria or I just liked the tingle, made it feel like it was working) – something like oxy cleansing but I usually got the target brand


  • Benzoyl Peroxide Cream/Gel 5-10% - $5? I have used the target up and up brand Now I use the DDF 5% gel (can get it on amazon) $27) – I found a stock at Marshalls for $5 and bought them all.


(if you have used Benzoyl Peroxide is the past and are scared please read over the website – they have a step to step how to, and they stress portion sizes, letting the product dry before makeup and using plenty of lotion!!!)




  • Light weight moisturizer – $ 9 Cetephil (not the daily one, the original)


  • When you first start using the Benzoyl cream, your face will get a little irritated but it works! I have found using a stronger moisturizer at night works really well -  I love the Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief (but its expensive $37 and goes fast and don’t wear it under makeup, it will slid it everywhere) – The one I use now is Botanics $13 – Face hydrating Day cream again from target, I really like everything from that line.





  • Look up Milk of Magnesia Primer in YouTube – it will sound crazy at first but it works wonders for keeping oily skin under control.


  • That will leave your skin very matt which will make it hard to apply makeup so I used a velvet primer over the top – I have tried/used/like Elf primer, Makeup 4Ever, and Sephora Ultra Smoothing the only thing why I’m not using them is that you don’t get a lot in the bottles .5 oz come on So I switched to Smashbox original just cuz it came in a jumbo (they really are all basically the same)




  • I have always loved loved loved this concealer for dark spots and occasional acne – Makeup4Ever full coverage concealer $32 but last a long time 


  • The last couple of months I have been using – Bareminerals Matt Foundation $27 – love


  • Then on top the Makeup4Ever HD powder - $32 – keeps shine away!


  • When I had more all over acne I used the  - Clinique Stay Matt Oil free foundation $23 but that was before I found that amazing primer combo so I’m sure it would stay put better then


Other Randos


  • Tarte Matt Waterproof Bronzer $29 – and 2 can last you a year as long as you don’t drop it


  • Urban Decay De-Slick Oil control spray – I think it helps, I can’t decide definitely better then the Makeup4Ever spray!


  • Dr Dennis Gross – Alpha Beta Peel – EXPENSIVE but in the beginning it was worth it – It takes the dead dry skin off helping it heal faster. (The Philosophy “peel” above is a different, it calms deduces redness when these take off dead skin, not sure why they call the philosophy a peel)


  • I have tried BB creams like Clinique and some drug store ones but they just didn’t do much for me – I think they made the powder look layered/cakey just not my thing.


That’s a lot of information but my acne is GONE after 3 months of using the routine exactly as they say to. Now I use the Benzoyl gel maybe 3 times a week just at night to keep it gone as before it was twice a day every day.


And look on youtube – that’s how I found and the milk of magnesia primer. Before I buy anything now I look it up on youtube to get the pros and cons 

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