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Post in Oily Skin

Clinique moisturizer replacement

I've been using the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for almost a year now getting bored of it. I feel like it's not giving me enough moisture. Is there anything similar or better to this? And under $35 would be great Smiley Happy


oh and I have oily skin 

Re: Clinique moisturizer replacement

Have you ever tried anything from the Lab Series "for men"? I dont like gel moisturizers but I liked the Lab series gel moisturizer. It is less than $35, too!

now, if could just figure out what magical ingredients it contains that are gender-specific.... ;-)

Re: Clinique moisturizer replacement

I was looking that Lab Series' products earlier! Specifically the all in one face treatment. 


And it's ridiculous how there's so many products 'for men'. Sunscreen, FOR MEN, because this brown packaging with a Hawaiian flower is too feminine. THEY'RE ALL THE SAME!!!!

Re: Clinique moisturizer replacement

I have liked quite a few of the Lab series products I've tried. They're often fragrance free and less expensive than other similar products. 

And -- brace yourself -- they haven't made me change genders. It's a miracle!

Re: Clinique moisturizer replacement

I used that same moisturizer for years until I finally got bored of it a few months ago. I started using Philosophy's Take a Deep Breath and I love it! I'd definitely check it out. 

Re: Clinique moisturizer replacement

Just thought I'd throw my two cents in here.. how about NARS AquaGel Luminous moisturizer.. It has a great slip and a nice matte finish so makeup is not a problem. I know it is pricier (58$/ 50ml or 1.7 oz) but you really only need a dab for your entire face where as the moisture surge gel ( which I also fourthly support as a great choice) I did use up much quicker.  Moisture Surge also comes in a Spray form (22$ for 4.2oz) which I think is a great option as a hydration booster to any moisturizer/routine or for a midday refresher over makeup.    

Re: Clinique moisturizer replacement

Is it bad to use a moisturizer that has minor oil controlling properties?

Re: Clinique moisturizer replacement

i don't think of it as 'bad' but i'm always skeptical, the same way i'm skeptical of "mattifying" anything. in my experience the best way to combat oil is to NOT continuously strip it of the oil being produced...pH balance can be thrown off leaving your skin confused and thirsty, hence even more oil production. (obviously i'm not advocating to not wash one's face--of COURSE wash your face!!! but once that is done let your skin find balance through the products your apply after....). in my opinion, what you need is a lightweight but effective moisturizer. i wouldn't even be worried about 'oil free'. just stay away from face moisturizers with shea butter, too heavy and can cause breakouts.

in your routine do you use a moisturizing toner ? this may help add a bit of light-weight 'oomph' too. i use caudalie beauty elixir the most, but murad makes a couple of great ones i recommend, too. they specialize in restoring pH, and will help your skin absorb any moisturizers you put on after....

Re: Clinique moisturizer replacement

I went to a Clinique counter last week to ask about the Moisture Surge and the employee told me that it's NOT a moisturizer. It's supposed to go on top of whatever moisturizer you're using. Is that how you use it?

Re: Clinique moisturizer replacement

Sometimes I will use the Moisture Surge during the day under my normal SPF if I feel like my skin needs a little extra moisture (because sometimes just the SPF doesn't cut it). But I also have been using it alone at night when I want something lightweight - I can't be the only one who wakes up looking like a sweaty shiny mess in the summer mornings right? Smiley Tongue lol


Not sure if that answered your question or not. But I also think you should use products the way they work best for you!

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