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Post in Oily Skin

Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

It's beginning to get a bit ridiculous and, I admit, disheartening. I have tried oil-free cleansers and moisturizers ... all of my foundation is oil free and I've applied them on top of high-end primers as well as drugstore primers and nothing. is. working.


A good cleanser then primer then oil-free foundation will work well for no longer than 2 hours. My nose is an oil slick. My forehead and cheeks can go about 4 hours on a good day. Blotting powders are useless 30 minutes after applying and blotting papers only rub off my makeup, making my face look even worse. I'll leave the house with a flaky, dry nose due to the layers of primer and cleanser. I get to work and spots of oil have already began to show.


I don't know what to do.


My skincare regime:

Morning -

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Cleanser

Salicylic Acid pad from dermatologist


Evening -

Noxzema makeup removed wipe

Cetaphil or Mario Badescu Acne Wash with my Clarisonic

Salicylic Acid pad from dermatologist

Oil of Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer for Oily/Combo Skin

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

To agd000... do you use an exfoliator? i find that using it at least twice a week has made a difference.

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

I discovered the BEST solution to oily skin. You could research this online and see what others have to say about this. I simply cant believe that it actually works. Anyway lets just cut to the point lol.. i personally have had really bad issues with oily skin.. i would apply my foundation and about 2 to 3 hours it would start to get oily and i would always have to use a powder to get rid of the shine anyway NOW im trying Milk of Magnesia and I AM NOT KIDDING!! it works!!!!! at first i was effy about it but honestly just yesterday i tried it on in the morning at 8 am and around 6 pm i looked at myself in the mirror and it looked EXACTLY the same and just freshly done. Im so glad i finally figured out the solution to the oily skin problem i have had for many many years and now i use Milk of Magnesia. Now if you are wondering where you could get it.. you can get it at any drug store and get the non-flavour one. Then use the cup that comes with it and pour just a tiny bit in it. Before you apply the milk of magnesia apply your moisturizer then let it dry then apply the milk of magnesia using a cotton and slightly dip it and apply it all over the face or especially areas that get most oily. After you gotta let it dry and make sure there is no trace of whiteness.. once its dry then u can apply your primer (if you use one) then your foundation. I am telling you guys THIS WORKS!!! i would love to hear some feedback on this!! let me know how it goes girls!

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

You are using some very strong stuff...I would recommend using Philosoply's, Purity Made Simple and use a little Hope in a Jar at night...your are doing a lot of damage to your skin with all the harsh stuff you are using and that "is" believe it or not, causing more oil on your skin.

You need to let your skin rest a while.  Try a "powder" foundation or a baked powder foundation...they are gentler to the skin or even try one that is not for oily skin.

I have tried some of the things you are using and they gave me nothing but sore and irritated skin with more oil.  You may even be making your acne pron skin worse with all the stuff you are using.  You should never use a moistuerizer under your make up...this is advice I learned from an actual Hollywood make up artist...never do they use foundation on the actors in the movies...because it causes an oily shine!


Give your skin a rest for a month or so and then gradually try other things that you don't get at the drug store.  There is a reason they are sold there and not in Sephora!!

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

"You should never use a moistuerizer under your make up...this is advice I learned from an actual Hollywood make up artist"


Can you provide a source for that?  I've NEVER heard a professional makeup artist say you should skip moisturizer in the morning.  :/  Pretty much the first thing they do is prep the skin, and that includes moisturizer.


Not having proper hydration is one of the worst things you can do for oily skin.  As others have said, it sends your body into overdrive trying to compensate for the lack of moisture.  One of the best moisturizers I've used is Shiseido's Pureness Matifying Moisturizer Oil-Free.  It's very light.

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

i agree. adding moisturizer to my routine has been one of the best things for my oil control

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

Have you tried the POREfessional primer from Benefit or mattifying stuff from Murad? In general oily skin should go for powder form when possible. If you are using a moisturizer with SPF and it feels greasy, try a serum one.


If you've tried all the mattifying /oil-free stuff in the world and none helped, then try it from the opposite approach maybe? Sometimes when the skin is overcleansed and stripped of all oil, it will kick into overdrive and produce more oil than normal to compensate. I have oily combo skin so I thought I should avoid oil, but I find a couple drops of oil (Argan/maracuja) in my winter skincare is fantastic, and some oil-free products make my face shinier during the day than normal stuff. I don't suggest drastic change like suddenly adding oil, but maybe try skip the salicylic acid pad in the morning, just cleanser and moisturizer for a couple of weeks to see how your skin reacts. If it's fine after a couple of weeks, then try a night moisturizer instead of Oil of Olay, one that's not heavy but focus on hydration (like the lightweight stuff for dehydrated oily skin).

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

Totally forgot about the Murad Mattifying Lotion until you mentioned it! That stuff is insanely awesome!


It feels a bit thick, like glue at first, but it works soooo well. Once you get a hang of the application you won't turn back.

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

It is a little thick but that's not a big worry,it's just a little goes a long way and for the awesome job that it does that's nothing to worry about.

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

I would say throw out your current skin care and start all over. To treat oily skin effectively you have got to get into the oil control like the Murad line or the Boscia black detoxifying line. You can also add the Murad oil control mattifier to what ever you choose. It's one of the best. Hope this helps!

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

Try using a mattifying gel like DeSlick from Urban Decay or one by Peter Thomas Roth.


Apply those to spots you get oily after your moisturizer has sunk in. Then follow up with primer and make up.


Which primer do you use/have you tried?

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

I've tried DeSlick as well as the oily skin spray from Skindinavia and neither helped. I've tried Smashbox, Givenchy Mister Mat, Hourglass Mineral Veil and Dr. Brandt primers from Sephora. I've tried L'Oreal and Black Radiance primers from the drugstore.

Re: Can NOT get my oily skin/nose under control.

Try Benefit's Porefessional, it's a primer that can also double as an oil absorber by being tapped over your make up on oily spots.


You might even want to try using a toner containing witch hazel which is a good natural ingredient for oil control.


Murad makes one in their oil/acne control line that can still be used even if you don't suffer from acne. It also has soothing botanicals and antioxidants to nourish your skin.



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