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Post in Oily Skin

Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

What's the best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin? I'm 23 and still get breakouts here and there. I usually wear Olay SPF 15 moisturizer under all my foundations and the all seem to be oxidizing on my face after a few hours.. Not sure if it's the moisturizer causing this or the foundation.. Currently, I'm trying out UD Naked skin and it seems to be breaking me out. I have used Hourglass Immaculate but I found it a little dry. Possibly looking into Estee Lauder Double Wear Light.. Not a makeup guru but if anyone has suggestions on foundations or moisturizer that would really help me. 

Re: Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

Try opting into Sephora's 8 Hr Mattifying Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 20 for an oil control/regulating, mattifying source of SPF and moisture for the day time. Murad's Oil Control Mattifier with SPF 15 is also a very effective formula; however, the texture is quite rich so you may have to work with the product a bit more between fingertips to thin it down some so it won't feel as thick once applied to skin. You may consider visiting a store and testing out both formulas or asking for samples to see how they work with your skin.


For make up options, you may want to consider a BB cream, Dr. Brandt's BB Matte with Signature Shinerase and Smashbox's Camera Ready BB Cream are two options that focus on oil control and give a soft matte finish. These can still be used with concealer on areas that require a bit more coverage but will definitely be lighter weight than a foundation.


The Bare Minerals powder you're using, is it the foundation powder with SPF or the mineral veil with SPF? You can still certainly layer either one over a BB cream (if it's the foundation it'll give a bit more coverage and if it's the MV then it'll be a translucent setting powder). 


How much of the EradiKate did you apply and how did you apply it? 


It is certainly possible that the AM cleanse may contribute to skin producing more oil. Though it may not be the entire reasoning behind an increase in oil production, the reasoning behind why it may play a part is that if skin doesn't actually merit a cleanse in the morning but you go ahead and wash fully anyway, you're sending the message to your skin that indeed your skin is in fact THAT oil where it needs to be cleansed in this time. By removing the oil, skin is kick started to then overcompensate and produce more since it's losing oil at such a rapid rate. This can lead to either skin being dried out (and remaining so if skin's own function to produce oil is low or if it lacks the ability to retain moisture and hydration) or skin being even more oil (if oil producing functions are either at a norm or elevated status).


Toners are traditionally used to rebalance and restore pH to the skin; however, not formulas actually do this. Toners today can be more-so broken down to focusing on oily/combination skin (that may even be blemish prone) or toward conditioning and hydrating skin. Toners of the now aren't geared only toward "toning" but many "mists", "facial tonics", and "facial sprays" also get lumped into that department.


Toners that are more geared toward oily or problematic skin tend to contain astringents such as witch hazel. Astringents are utilized due to their ability to constrict cell tissue, essentially giving a "tightening" or "shrinking" effect even though you're not actually making any permanent changes to pore size. This is beneficial to this skin type range as it diminishes the visual aspects of enlarged pores and temporarily limits the level of oil release.


Toners in this range also tend to contain drying alcohols such as alcohol SD or alcohol denate, these alcohols are used to cut down on drying time so skin isn't left sticky or with residue along with being a more immediate tackle on cutting down oil; however, in excess or based off how skin processes the use of these drying alcohols, they can backfire and cause skin to dry out and even in turn overcompensate and increase in oil production due to its harsh removal. It's important to review a formula and see that it's at least fortified with conditioning ingredients as well to off-set the drying alcohol if it can't be avoided all together and to be sure you pay close attention to how your skin takes to the product.


Of course there are purifying toners or sprays that can tackle oil without drying alcohols and some treatments may even come in forms of pre-soaked pads making application easier as you cut out the need for cotton balls or cotton pads.


In terms of other products to use as mentioned following the D-Scar portion of your response, are you looking for another product to use in conjunction with the D-Scar, to replace it, or treat another aspect of your skin entirely?


The Hourglass Immaculate is quite a lovely formula as it has that dry down to a powder finish, allowing it to suit combination/oily skin types without appear too thick or mask-like on skin. Do you have a preference in concealers (liquid, cream, potted, stick, etc.)?


Prior to your visit to a dermatologist or any skin care professional, even if you weren't to seek one, I would advise keeping a skin care journal to document the steps and routine you're taking on, any products being used, results and reactions to them, changes or developments in skin, and any external elements or contributing factors that may affect your skin (like a noticed increase in stress, dietary changes, etc.). 


Which cleanser from Cetaphil was it exactly? I want to be sure I'm looking at the proper one you're using. In terms of the Purity, whether or not you continue use isn't my call to make, if you haven't noticed any negative or ill reactions to it thus far you can continue use, but just keep that tidbit in mind in regards to the sulfates. Purity certainly has it's loyal following and the sulfate use may not be a make or break deal for most, just consider how it plays into your regimen as a whole (like what I mentioned above with the toner formulas, even though some contain drying alcohols, that doesn't mean they shouldn't/can't be used, just make sure there's a relative balance to ensure you're not overdrying skin).

Re: Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

I think I will give the Murad Oil control mattifier a try and get a sample in store.. I also will look into SmashBox's BB Cream.. since it's reviews look better than Dr. Brandts.. I am looking for a cream concealer since I think I may like the finish on that better. 


I don't currently use Bare Minerals but after looking at the blemish powder I'm not convinced it would work for my skin but I will look into that further. 


I never realized that it could be my AM regimen causing my oil production. That's a really good point you made about the overcompensating. I was looking at the Clarifying Treatment Toner by Kate Somerville and thought that it could help my skin.. 


I think I'm looking for something to work in conjunction with it if I don't see any progress from the scars I'm currently working on. I have seen results and even though it does take some time (few weeks) it does diminish the scars. 


Like I said above, I would prefer a cream stick-like concealer for easy application.. I have heard of others on this forum who have benefitted from wearing the Immaculate and seeing clearer skin with use. I may or may not have seen this happen on my own face or it's just because my oil has shine through and made my face look smoother and the bumps went down.. I do like how the Immaculate sits on my face but I like it more after an hour of application. 


I will be sure to keep a journal of my skin since it does change so rapidly. The Cetaphil that I was using was the Facial Cleanser for all skin types. When you say that my skin was overcompensating with the oil production does that mean I should only wash my face with the cleanser once a day to see how I will react to it? And if so, should I only wash with it in the AM or PM.. 

Re: Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

For a creamy concealer, try Tarte's Smooth Operator, it's a creamy concealer in stick form, making it easy to keep with you if you need to touch up or if a sudden new pimple comes up. Hourglass, Nars, and Smashbox also have creamy stick concealers to consider as well.


My apologies on the confusion with the Bare Minerals, I must have misinterpreted a portion of a previous post in which I thought you were using the foundation/mineral veil.


Try a vitamin C based serum (like Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum or Peter Thomas Roth's Camu Camu Serum, which is a bit thinner) to aid in brightening and fading of post acne scars while the D-Scar can focus on textural repair.


I would definitely suggest washing just once a day (at night) and see how skin reacts to this change. Document things down to better help you have a physical and visual tracking of improvements, changes, or even negative points to help you get a better understanding of your skin and how it processes products. This can also be of help once you book your dermatologist visit to help them understand what you've done for your skin as well.


Re: Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

Thank you so much Lylysa! You've been a big help! I will take your suggestions and look at the products to see which one would best fit my skin. 

Re: Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

It's been my pleasure, PriscillaAnn! Smiley Happy Please feel free to reach out any time and personal message me to keep me posted or seek more advice or help, I'm always here on BT and am here to lend a helping hand.


Best of luck with revamping your skin care regimen and with your visit to the dermatologist, I know you're on the right track to balancing and perfecting your skin! Keep with the skin care journal and touch back into BT anytime for any and all beauty inquiries!

Re: Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

Is the Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum the one with SPF 15?



Re: Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

That would be the Truth Creme, the Truth Serum comes in a pump bottle:


I'm a big fan and personally use the Truth Serum every morning (also a great way to get anti-oxidant protection against free radicals while you're out and about). My skin is more on the normal side so the texture is more like a traditional liquid-gel serum, but some folks here in Beauty Talk who have oilier skin prefer a thinner texture, which is why I also brought up Peter Thomas Roth's Camu Camu products as that serum is much more liquid-like and may be one you find texture-wise to be more suitable as it would absorb quicker. Try to test consistencies in stores to see which you prefer, even ask for samples to try at home. Smiley Happy

Re: Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

I spoke to my PCP and dermatologist about my skin and I have an appt later in the week. She suggested that she may prescribe me Retin-A. Should I run the other way? 

Re: Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

Retin-A (the prescription source of retinol) isn't something to immediately run to the hills from. Retinol itself is a very potent, but effective and viable source to treat many problems, from acne to aging factors.


The reason for retinol carrying a leery tone is of how it takes effect. Unlike alpha hydroxy acids, retinol does kick things off with stimulating skin in a manner that can cause inflammation. This tends to be an initial side effect and does dissipate; however, it's important to know that with retinol use, you're also having to proper maintain and condition skin in the process, because of it's potency and tendency to cause inflammation and mild sensitivity for a time being, by not ensuring skin is hydrated and protected from the elements, skin can worsen. This of course can be avoided and lessened some of course, but it's also crucial to track how your skin processes its use. If heavy or intense peeling, burning, stinging, or high sensitivity is felt to the point of discomfort or pain, definitely consult back with your skin care professional and see if a lower dose can be prescribed or what other steps can be taken to resolve this.


The above thread actually has a wider break down on retinol and the many forms it can come in to help you get a better understanding.


If you've never used retinol before and are unaware of how your skin may process its use, definitely inquire with your PCP and ask if there are any time frames to use the product to yield results but also minimize side effects (for example, does it need to be used daily right off the bat, or can you ease into it with using it every other night for two weeks to monitor how it takes to your skin). 


Definitely be sure to follow up in the morning with SPF, with any heavy hitter, be it retinol or AHA/BHAs which chemically exfoliate skin you want to be sure you're not "cooking" exposed or vulnerable skin with UV exposure.


Re: Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

Once again the website won't allow me to reply to comments, however...


"My ultimate goal is to have flawless skin without having to wear that much makeup."


I am finally doing this! It's been years since I started covering up all acne, now face is clear and staying that way. I have adult acne-prone skin also and very sensitive. After using rx's and tons of over the counter acne stuff 'forever'..a derm prescribed Aczone (dapson) gel.


No sensitivity, cleared quickly, and got rid of even under the skin bumps. Ive been using it for months, now off and on, and acne is gone and staying there. They have a website for information. Lately, I've been just wearing a tinted skincare cream.


Noticed you have purity, try removes the day well, and will help balance the skin out. I use this with the rx and no issues. Also it's nice with the clarisonic.


Also if you are a big dairy eater/drinker cut back, the extra hormones don't help the skin, rather it shows along the jawline/chin as acne.

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