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Post in Oily Skin

Acne help....

Ok right so my face is oily not like wickid but its not dry so id call it combination. But my skin is also a pain, I have ben trying to find something that will actually help me with the acne and I have the zeno that works but its expensive nd is only for spot treating which is good and bad. But I was wondering iff anyone had any sugestions. I've used the 3 step system from clique didnt work at all.



Re: Acne help....

I used to have really horrible acne, Ive heard proactiv doesnt work but i tried it anyway and now my face is all clear, its amazing! Yes, it is a little harsh at first, but i was fine even with my sensitive skin. So i think you should try proactiv, at the beginning they send you really tiny sample sizes to see if you like it. I use it once in the morning amd once in the night and when i get back from school i wash my face with a gentle cleanser to remove makeup. Also, what has really helped is when i stopped wearing makeup like foundation concealer and blush, it really helps your skin clear up because it reduces the dirt that gets into your pores when you dont put makeup on your skin, i know it will be different or scary to not wear concealer for a few days but you womt need it after your acne is gone! Smiley Wink i hope this helped! Ps: if you do chose to wear concealer, use one that treats acne, theres a great one from Murad

Re: Acne help....

First thing, submit to a regimen, if you're not doing it already: always use cleanser morning and night, scrub 2-3 times/week, toner (if not too harsh for you), acne treatment, serum, oil free moisturizer with SPF. Then, you can treat acne spots. 

Very good acne products (and inexpensive) are those from Mario Badescu (drying lotion, drying cream, buffering lotion etc.)


Cleansers for combination oily that work for me are: Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser, Shiseido's Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing foam (a very soft scrub!), and Fresh- Soy Face Cleanser. I usually use the Boscia in conjuction with one of the other two, because Boscia dries out a bit too much. Acne can be triggered by both too oily and too dry skin, so you don't wanna have either of them. You need balance. 


Toner: Boscia Clear Complexion Tonic with Botanical Blast

An acne treatment for the entire face to be applied after toner is  Boscia's Clear Complexion Treatment with Botanical Blast. 


After the toner, apply an antiaging serum, then an oil free moisturizer with SPF. Josie Maran's Argan Daily Moisturizer, SPF 40+ (UVA+UVB) does wonders. No redness, no breakouts or irritation, and a great sun protection. That's for daytime. 


For night time, after the serum, you can use any moisturizer for combination-oily skin, then you can apply Mario Badescu anti-acne products on the problematic spots. If you are able to visit Mario Badescu, they offer a free consultation for what products are best for your skin, but focus on the acne issue, like the ones I've mentioned above. You can also Google Mario Badescu and check out their website to find more information about their acne products, and for online orders. 


Hope this helpsSmiley Happy Good luck!






Re: Acne help....

I have oily/combo skin that is VERY acne prone. I have found my own solution and I hope it'll help you!


Basically, the goal isn't too over-dry your face, because that'll stimulate your oil glands into working overtime (which isn't what you want!). A gentle, but effective face wash is perfect for getting rid of surface oils, makeup, and dirt without drying your skin.

Then, look for a leave-on gel or liquid with 2% Salicylic Acid, or BHA, in it.  It has to be a leave-on gel or liquid because it doesn't have enough time to sink deep into your skin with a face wash.  It'll just wash right off. Treat current blemishes with a dab of benzoyl peroxide to help kill the bacteria under your skin.


I also LOVE the Clarisonic.  I'm amazed at how much makeup it gets off of my face at night that I'm certain my wash cloth was missing.


The GoClear line here has a good set-up, as does DDF.  I use a company outside of Sephora with great success called Paula's Choice, but I would check out the ones at Sephora too.


Be careful about your makeup.  BE made my acne worse, so if you are using it you might want to try to consider other things. Personally, I love the Korres Wild Rose Line with the Vitamin C and E in the foundation to help nourish my skin.  I've stayed away from makeup with BHA in it because I don't want to dry out my skin too much.  And a good multi-vitamin and omega 3 helps a ton as well!


It takes time to clear up acne, so give anything you try at least a month to see results.  I hope this helps!  Good luck!!!!

Re: Acne help....

A agree with this. Don't overdry your face. Many people use an entire line of acne-ingredient products and its just too much! Every step in your skin is stripping oils and that's not good, not to mention all those chemicals! If you do want acne ingredients, try Boscia's botanical blast line as it uses willow tree bark, not chemicals. 

Re: Acne help....

I suggest a simple, gentle, and effective skincare line that contains acne fighting ingredients such as benyzol peroxide and/or salicylic acid. Sulfur is also another great acne fighting ingredient that you can find in masks. I suggest something like proactiv or dermalogica.

Re: Acne help....

If you have persistent acne and have tried several products with little success, it is in your best interest to see a dermatologist, even if your skin isn't *that* bad. Trust me -- you will save yourself so much time and money -- not to mention the stress on your skin from trying different products! A dermatologist can assess your skin, its issues and determine what needs to be done. S/he can prescribe a regimen, if necessary, or recommend OTC products.

Re: Acne help....

i totally agree. i’m obsessed with great products but when it comes to skin, it’s a medical thing. i’m 25 and a TOTAL perfectionist so my dermo has had me on everything (she went to yale for med school and is a genius) because some stuff just stopped working. finally i’m on retin-a every night (which will prevent wrinkles in the long run too) and spironilactone 150mg. i think they suggest less but since i’m kind of intense about preventing any acne whatsoever, i take 3 tablets of 50mg every day. ask your dermo about spiro! good luck Smiley Happy


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