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Post in Oily Skin

A fresh glazed donut

I am truly… from the moment I wake up a fresh glazed donut.

I am 25 and am tired of being oily 24-7

its embarrassing and gross at this point


Cleanser currently being used is cerave for oily skin 

I’ll use Clinique toner once a week 

moisturizer is from the oridnary

and serums I love the alpha butrin?? Great for my redness 

and I’ve tried the niacidamide and even that doesn’t work…


im desperate 

Re: A fresh glazed donut

I am the exact same way every morning day after day and your right it’s aggravating and sickening to have to wake up and deal with this everyday and I know if I can feel and see it I know others can also too ugh 😩 I don’t wear makeup at all I stopped thinking maybe it’ll help with controlling the oiliness but nope still the same. I’m using the same Cervae facial wash for oily skin and the Caudalie 

Vinopure Oil-Control Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin 

Should I stop this moisturizer and maybe use Cervae moisturizer for oily skin being I use the facial foam wash already? Also is Cervae serum a good one too use for oily skin? I’m new to all this but I have to figure out how to get this oiliness under control because it’s just horrible and out of control at this point.

Re: A fresh glazed donut

I had the exact same problem until recently. 26 and just constantly oily and always breaking out. My issue was I was drying my skin out too much washing regularly. I highly recommend double cleansing. You can continue using your Cerave Cleanser but first do an oil cleanse (I use DHC cleansing oil). 

Re: A fresh glazed donut

@gglazeddonutt Your skin may need more hydration to balance your skin out. When skin gets out of whack hydration-wise, it can overproduce oil to compensate. I'd recommend switching to a hydrating cleanser, ditching the Clinique toner (it's an alcohol bomb and even though I'm NOT against alcohol in skincare, too much can be really drying for a lot of people) for a hydrating toner, and maybe switch out the TO moisturizer for something more substantial. Gel moisturizers are great for oily skin because they're light but pack a good punch. Many people have found that particular TO moisturizer isn't enough to really keep their skin balanced. 

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