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VIB ROUGE 20% OFF SALE April 2019

Is this happening at Sephora Canada or is it just in the USA.  The Canadian sale previously was at the same time as the USA.  I have not seen any promo or received any emails on this. My USA friends have received notification.


Is this sale excluding Canada like the weekly WOWs?

Re: VIB ROUGE 20% OFF SALE April 2019


Where can I shop?

In store and online! That includes our stores and online in Canada as well as Sephora inside JCPenney stores."


you can find more info in the "Spring Bonus 2019 FAQs" thread

Re: VIB ROUGE 20% OFF SALE April 2019

Thank you for that.  Wondering why my USA friends received notification but in Canada,  I have not received notification or email and the 26 is 3 days away.

Re: VIB ROUGE 20% OFF SALE April 2019

@cannelle67 Emails are always sent about 2 days before the start of the sale. Rouges will probably receive their emails tomorrow.

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