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Post in Oh, Canada!

The "You Should Have It" thread.

Note: i put this thread in the Oh Canada section as we dont have access to all brands (example Paula's Choice >;( . 



I had this idea of a thread where if you could tell people about 1 item they should have and why, this is it.


Makeup, or skincare/body care, and self care items like candles, stuff for the bath or shower.


It can be sold in any store not just Sephora.





Ill start.


If i had to suggest one thing to "relax" the feet and hydrate them also for the body, i would suggest the Dr. Teals Epsom salt, especially the Shea butter Almond Oil "fragrance".


They sell it in many stores including Walmart. 


In case some of you might think it would be a "cheap" brand, let me tell you that theyre epsom salt is real awesome.


If you were curious about it but never tried it, its a 10 for sure, so do it lol. 



Happy Holidays to everyone!! 🎄🎄🎄

Re: The "You Should Have It" thread.

I really like skinfix’s eczema line of products. I’ve dealt with eczema my whole life and it’s moved around from one spot to another. I find that their products actually reduce the feeling of inflammation and I don’t have the urge to claw my skin off. Nothing else outside of prescription medication has had the same effect for me. I highly recommend it for anyone with eczema!

Re: The "You Should Have It" thread.

Agreed! Great reccomendation @JoSometimes 

Re: The "You Should Have It" thread.

I love this thread idea @Emy10 

(And Dr. Teals bath salts) I prefer them in Vanilla or Lavender but I agree with you,  everyone should have them 😄

I think cost dosen't matter, if you enjoy something that is what is important and counts 🥰

I love to unwind with them, and the lingering scent is a treat.

If I could say something everyone should have, 

Ooh this is tricky,  I have a lot of great loves, but to narrow it down I'll say

Skincare must #The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Oil Control Serum 1 oz/ 30 mL everyday and no more hormonal breakouts and my skin loves it,  bonus it is hella affordable and dosent pill up or react with most other skincare out there.  I love when my skin looks it's best.




Re: The "You Should Have It" thread.

@CynthieLu  right? I  also agree that the cost isnt whats important. 


I used to love a product from The Ordinary, but my skin got tired of it (i think) as i started itching while using it.


Im trying to remember the product, but ill have to edit, brb...


Ok, its the Natural Moisurizing Factors + HA.


It used to feel like nothing.... like my skin loved it, it felt nice, didnt break me out etc.


But after a few months then i started itching.


Idk if they reformulated it but yeah im kinda afraid to use it again. I took a break for some time and for a few days it was fine, but then itching came back.

Re: The "You Should Have It" thread.

I think if your skin is reacting, quitting the skin care in question is wise @Emy10  exactly, anything in it (thou that one has a small list) could be doing it.


The inkey list has some great affordable moisturizers too 🙂 I love a good deal on my skin care.  I've got a bunch of loves from those two lines 🤩 a moisturizer from inkey I love is the The INKEY List Peptide Moisturizer 1.7 oz/ 50 mL 

Re: The "You Should Have It" thread.

@CynthieLu  oh! thank you for reminding me about Inkey!


I found out about the brand a while ago, like around 2-3 years ago from the Youtuber... Robert Welsh, him or his brother, theyre twins, they both have theyre own Youtube channel, theyre great, do you know them?


I need to look at Inkey's product again.


Robert or his brother think Inkey is formulated a bit better, maybe it might work better with my skin. 



Re: The "You Should Have It" thread.

@Emy10 Skin care is so trial and error, what works for a ton of people may not work me. And then there's the waiting, it can take up to a month for our skin to get used to a new product and start showing results. Patience is hard some times 


I do know them, I like thier videos too 😄


From the Inkey List I have found a few that work nicely for me and it feels extra good on my wallet too 😊 lol!




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