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The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

~ Updated May 1st 2018 ~


A place for the Canadian peeps to post deal, events, news and anything beauty related!




What's new on the Canadian site today


Promo codes for Canadians


Sephora Canada Site Product Update Thread - NEW THREAD





Canadian Retailers


Chapters (online)
Clementine Fields (online)
Deciem (online + TO stores)

Devu Cosmetics (online)
ecodivabeauty.CA (online)

eskincarestore (online)
Etiket (online + MTL store)
Fresh Faced (online) (online)

Green & Pure Organic Beauty (online)

Harlow & Co (online)

Holt Renfrew (online + stores)

Lilou Organics (online)

Murale (store only a few)

Nail Polish Canada (online)

Nordstrom (stores + ships free from counters / online ships from US)
Nuciya (online)

Obsessedcanada (online) (division of NPC) (online)
Petal and Post (online)

Sask (stores / online ships free from US)

Scarlet & Julia (online)

SDM/Beauty Boutique (online + stores)

Sephora (online + stores)
Socialite Beauty (online)

Terra 20 (online + store Ottawa)

The Bay (online + stores)

The Detox Market (online + store Toronto)
The Green Jungle Beauty Shop (online) (online)


Brands that ship to Canada


Bare Foot Venus (CA)
Bare Minerals (US)
Belief (belifcanada(dot)com)

Bobbi Brown (CA)

Charlotte Tilbury

Colourpop (US)
Cover Fx (CA)

Illamasqua (expensive)

Jo Malone (CA)

Jouer (US)


Lit Cosmetics (ships from Canada uses US currency)

Mahalo skin care (now has a Canadian warehouse)

Makeup Geek (US)

Melt Cosmetics (US)


Natasha Denona


Pat McGrath Labs (US)

Sugarpill (US)

Suva Beauty (ships from Canada uses US currency)
Tacha (US)

Tarte (CA)

Too Faced (US)

Urban Decay (US)


Online retailers that ship to Canada


(* = high shipping)
Bath & Unwind
Beauty Bay
Frends Beauty

Muse Beauty Pro
Neiman Marcus*
SpaceNK UK (Ship £5. Free over £100)



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Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!


Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!


The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

My local SDM Beauty Boutique was taking pre-orders for Chanel's Cruise and Les Beiges collections, which are launching there on May 3. The launch date for Les Beiges was delayed, so the two collections are launching at the same time. I left some first impressions about testing products from the Cruise collection under the Chanel thread.

Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

Etiket's online boutique has a new Natural Box for Earth Day

Contents in spoiler


his special edition natural beauty box has 14 products including five full size, all carefully selected to let you experience natural beauty by Etiket (value of more than $300)!

What's Inside? 

ABEL Set of 3 samples: Cobalt Amber, Green Cedar, Golden Neroli 3 X 1.8 ml
BATHORIUM Ancient Oat Crush 120g
CONSONANT Organic Foaming Face Wash 125 ml
HUNA APOTHECARY Revitalize Age-Grace Face Serum 30 ml
ILIA BEAUTY True Skin Radiant Priming Serum 4.5 ml 
LEBON Le White Toothpaste – Sweet Moroccan Mint with Green Tea 12 ml
LOVEFRESH Grapefruit Deodorant Stick – Pamplemousse 3.6oz
NUORI Vital Foaming Cleanser 100ml
OMORPHOLOGY Be Bright - Dry Sheet Mask
PAI SKINCARE Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil 10 ml
RAHUA Hydrating Shampoo 60ml
RAHUA Hydrating Conditioner 60ml
TATA HARPER Hydrating Floral Mask 7.5 ml
ZENOLOGY Citrus Nobilis|Mandarin Green Tea Ambiance Spray 50 ml


An exclusive Etiket reusable cotton bag

Total Value of the box: $300+

etiket natural box.JPG

RE: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

Has anyone had the experience of having an online return refused at a SDM store? I had my invoice and had discarded my shipping label because I thought I could return it in store. The store in my hood didn't carry the product and I didn't bring the mailing label so they could use it to return it.. they refused to accept my return because they'd have to incur shipping costs...and it says nothing about this on return instructions. They recommended other stores that might carry the product I was returning..a gimme brow travel size. So I emailed customer service and got an automated response that gave me a case #. I had no response for over a week so called customer service and they had no idea where my case # came from as they said it should start with different #. In the end they refunded me because item was just over $15...but really I spent 30 min on phone and 10 min in store trying to return something that should take 2 min. Will avoid shopping here based on this experience. In store returns should not be so complicated with a nationwide chain! Sounds like this is an issue if store doesn't carry your product.

RE: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

@melaninto I’ve had two similar experiences and for this reason I won’t order/buy anything beauty from SDM.

Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

I had an awful experience too. 

Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

Doing a return for anything at SDM is a PITA. As far as my experiences go, I consider all SDM purchases to be final sale as the aggravation is not worth it. I don't want to go to different stores to find the one store/employee that can help. 


Their head office advertises one policy while the stores are franchised so the individual owners often have in-store policies that don't align. This means what is allowed in one store might be forbidden or banned at the one down the street and both may be different from what's on the website. And the POS system only restricts based on HO rules, so if the employee is nice (or clueless), they can do things in contravention to the store rules. Which will confuse you when you try next time. So YMMV when doing basic transactions like a return because of many many factors. IMO, this is SDM head office's problem. They don't care at all. 

Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

I know at our shoppers if we don't carry a product (for online returns) we manually have to enter the products for a return. I have had people show email receipts on their phone that didn't have the invoice with them and we take that no problem. I've never heard of anyone asking for a return label. If the store has to ship it elsewhere they just eat the cost.


As long as it's within 30 days you shouldn't have any problems, of course this can vary store to store since staff may be told different things since the stores are franchised. If it has been over 30 days you might have to talk to the beauty boutique manager since the supervisor might not want to do it since she has to "approve" that and may not want to. 

Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

It states on the back of the invoice that online returns can be made at any Shoppers Beauty Boutique. Whether they carry the item or not they're obligated to accept the return. Otherwise it's false advertising. I find alot of cosmeticians don't know how to do the online returns. If I have a problem with a cosmetician I'll ask for the Manager of Cosmetics or a store manager. If they refuse your return you can go always try another store. Try to go in the daytime because that's when the Cosmetics manager usually works & try to go to bigger stores & you should have better luck with returns. But, I agree their customer service isn't very good at all. 

RE: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

I havn’t had a refusal on my online return but they did give me a hard time. Recently, I ordered a milani palette on feb 25 and it arrived broken. I just finally got ahold of them on Friday.. They never responded to my countless emails and I’m not available during their phone hours to stay on hold forever. I dm’d them on twitter and thats the only time they responded to me. They also gave me two different emails to email, a different one the customer service email on their site. After weeks they finally called me and left a voicemail to call them for a refund for what I paid and points. I finally had a day off of school and work so I could call. Even with the reference number the guy acted like he had no idea what was going on and said I could get $5 back and some points. Then he says this has been too long and I didn’t respond to their emails. I asked several times what email they messaged me on as I have not recieved a single response from them and he wouldnt answer. Then when I said thats not the voicemail I have they said I would get a full refund for the item. He starts giving me a reference number, which was the same one I just gave to him a few minutes before. He put me on hold again and then starts saying again I can have $5 and points. Then he says they can give me more points so I ask how much exactly, he waffles and says about 15 000 and I’m like okay can you actually give me a number, then he says 27 000. We shall see what I actually get, if its anything. It was an absolute nightmare I just don’t even want to deal with it anymore. As much as people complain about Sephora, I’ve never had this bad of customer service or issues returning, as well as not-so-good experiences with employees. I love their points system but I try to only shop if I know 99% I’m not going to return anything.

Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!



Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

Looks like SDM added Eve Lom to the Beauty Boutique, although there isn't a brand page up yet. Screenshot_20190410_130221.jpg








Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

New SDM Beauty Boutique brand (I won't post all the watch options, but here's a couple):Screenshot_20190402_131023.jpg


The Smashbox Crystalized collection is also available: Screenshot_20190402_131519.jpg


Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

Store events:


Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

Which sephora stores are those events at?

I'm curious as well.

I'm curious as well.

Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

I noticed this on the header of the Beauty Boutique page on Ebates the other day:

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 2.09.04 PM.png

It's been making me wonder if Tom Ford's cosmetics line is going to be coming to Beauty Boutique in the near future, because those are all very clearly TF cosmetics but BB currently only carries TF's fragrance line.

Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

Ebates has had that picture since beautyboutique started up online, even though they only sell the fragrances from tom ford.

RE: Re: The Canadian Peeps! Deals, News, Events & Whatever!!!

That would be a dream come true for me! Makes me want to stop by the new BB near my house and ask them. They seem to have all the new luxury brands that I don’t normally see at other BB. Smiley Happy