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Please no more Fed-Ex!

I know there has been other posts about this already, and I have commented on some, but I wanted to start another one just to get more attention from the support staff so they can pass it along and so we can hopefully get this changed!


The change to Fed-Ex is awful. I feel like I'm a lucky one that has a pick-up point  a fifteen minute walk away, but it's opening hours are during my work hours (it's only open from 9:30 - 6 p.m. weekdays). Their  website said that the store was open on Saturdays, but must be out of date because I went down on Saturday morning it was closed with a sign on the door saying it was only open weekends.


I'm lucky that I have a somewhat flexible work environment, so I worked from home early this morning so I was able to pick up my item  before they sent it back to Sephora (Fed-Ex will only hold for five business days).


I've had such poor experience with FedEx at other times - like other people, I've experienced finding a "delivery attempted" notice on my door even when they haven't buzzed me, and have found staff (like this morning) at their retail stores have no idea where anything is and have experienced such awful customer service.


Sephora, I know this isn't a reflection on your customer service because you have always been so helpful and accommodating whenever I've had an issue -- you all really do a wonderful job! And because of this, even if it is cheaper, I would be wary of aligning your brand with that of FedEx. Your customer service philosophies are planets apart. 


Canada Post does a much better job: it's easier to pick-up your parcel and service is much more prompt and professional. They are also open longer -- the one closest to me, for instance, is open till 9 p.m. and is also open on weekends. Like any postal service, it's not perfect, but it's miles ahead of FedEx. 


I'm lucky that I live a couple blocks away from a Sephora store, but I've often ordered online so that I can receive one of the deluxe sample promo gifts or for something that is out of stock in store. I will no longer be ordering online while you have a partnership with FedEx, because it really isn't worth the time it takes to actually access my package. I'll just be going to to the store when I can, or elsewhere if the product is only located online.


I hope that you can pass this feedback along. I really love so much of what Sephora is and stands for, so I hope that I can remain a 100% loyal customer, but I just wanted to flag that it can be hard to do that once it becomes more difficult to receive your product. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Re: Please no more Fed-Ex!

I can't confirm the details, but they may be using FedEx now because of their distribution center in Olive Branch, MS. Memphis is the central hub for FedEx, so unless they go with UPS, the packages are going to end up on a FedEx plane since USPS packages are flown via FedEx and commercial flights. I've actually found that packages from businesses in that part of the county that ship using USPS end up taking a day or two longer to me, even with priority shipping, because FedEx packages are given priority.

Re: Please no more Fed-Ex!


This post actually concerns Canada, not the US.

Packages coming out of the Mississippi warehouse generally come either UPS or USPS (I've seen both, and most of my packages originate in MS). I know Sephora uses a variety of shipping services, but at least in my personal experience, I've never seen a FedEx package from them here in the States. 

Re: Please no more Fed-Ex!

Fed ex’s delivery options are horrible. I won’t order from Sephora any longer if they keep using fed ex- it just doesn’t work for me. Similar to what others have said, they don’t leave the package when I’m not home and I work during the day. There’s one pick up location in Calgary and it’s in the middle of no where - with terrible hours. Hopefully they go back to Canada post soon. 

RE: Please no more Fed-Ex!

I agree - I can no longer order online. I work long hours and can’t make it to the fed ex location (or to the mall downtown where we have our only physical store) which is about 35 minutes away. Canada post was always fast and so easy to pick up - they have convenient pick up locations and way better hours. My free shipping is basically useless and my amount of Sephora orders is going to significantly decrease.

RE: Please no more Fed-Ex!

My mom works at Canada post and it made It so easy to pick up parcels when I wasn’t home or when she was out we could pick stuff up easily from our Canada Post office. We do not have a Fed Ex facility in our town so if we aren’t home it goes back to another place out of town! I was so disappointed to see that switched today. I guess I’ll have to start going out of town to the stores instead of ordering online because we’re never home during the day when Fed Ex drops stuff off. Smiley Sad
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