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ridges in nails

I've been dealing with weird, lumpy, uneven ridges in my thumb nails for years now. Are there any base coats or anything that you think would help rectify this? Was thinking of investing in the pink gel. 

Re: ridges in nails

I have these too. I don't know how to get rid of them, but a ridge filling base coat an help. I didn't see an obvious one on the Sephora site. I know that OPI makes one. I've been using something called Bridge

Re: ridges in nails

Sorry, the edit doesn't seem to have worked and replies on my iPad are a pain in this editor. 


I use something called Bridge The Ridge that I got at Sally Beauty and I like it a lot. Look for something that is specifically a ridge filler. The textured polish I have on now doesn't feel at all bumpy and the last cream polish I wore looked perfectly smooth and I got tons of compliments. 


Good luck!

Re: ridges in nails

Understandable. Thanks! 

Re: ridges in nails

Have you tried buffing your nails alittle, you don't want to over do it, but alittle buffing can really help, and there are a lot of ridge fillers that you can find at Sally's. 

Re: ridges in nails

I have buffed them out in the past but some of my ridges are so deep that it doesn't really help. I have horizontal ridges, not the normal vertical ones. I think I have some type of deficiency... Was hoping maybe there might be a good base coat or something to treat it Smiley Tongue

Re: ridges in nails

I have the same problem! It seems like my thumb nails are the worst, and my pointer fingers are a little bumpy, but the rest are smooth. I'll buff them a little to try and even things out, but for the most part I'm just kind of grumpy when I'm trying to color them.


Re: ridges in nails

Essie makes a product called Ridge Filling Base Coat.  It's only $8 and is my favorite by far.

Re: ridges in nails

I'll be picking it up next time I'm at the drugstore. Thanks for the suggestion! 

Re: ridges in nails

Dior's ridge filler is among the best, but is (naturally) pricey.


Not at Sephora, but it's worth looking at Deborah Lippmann's extensive collection of basecoats to address any number of issues!

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