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is it really worth it?

I saw this OPI polish:




Top your favorite Mariah Carey shade with real silver and real 18K gold leaf by OPI


I wont be buying this, but what do ya think Smiley Happy?

Re: is it really worth it?

I have the Sephora by OPI 18K top coat. I like it  I would so go for the silver. 

Re: is it really worth it?

I have the Sephora by OPI 18K It's Real top coat, but only because I found it on sale at SiJCP for about $8 and later got another bottle for about $5.  It's fun, but I wouldn't pay full price for it. 


When I gave my (then) 16 year old niece a bottle she said I was the coolest aunt ever.  So I guess it has some appeal!

Re: is it really worth it?

If I wanted gold leaf on my nails I'd just use the flakes/sheets sold at art supply stores. You get up getting a lot more material for your money.


The below photos aren't mine, but OPI's launched a couple of gold flake/leaf top coats with the partnership they had with Sephora and when the last James Bond film launched.


Re: is it really worth it?

I am so happy to see your swatch! I tried the Deborah Lippmann version of this and the gold flakes were too big and folded over on themselves. Yuck!

Re: is it really worth it?

Oh, I didn't swatch it, I found that pic online via Google search.


I've yet to bring myself to purchase gold/silver leaf polishes because I know they tend to get marked up higher. I believe the OPI James Bond one was close to $30 and because it was limited edition, you can catch it going for $40 or more on eBay and beauty sites. The below swatch/image compilation is from The Polishaholic's blog site. I have to say I'm not blown away by the pay off. The flakes are very small and from her reviews they were few and far in-between and application was more about dabbing that swiping polish on the nail.



I'd rather pick up a bag at a craft store for about $5 or $6 and use a clear polish to make a DIY version.



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