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how repair split nail


Re: how repair split nail

I use the same method as lylysa, but I use a bit of a tea bag


you can also buy silk wraps at sally's, but it's the same method pretty much

Re: how repair split nail

If you have a local Sallys beauty they have a kit by Orly called nail rescue, its awesome. only 8 bucks!

Re: how repair split nail

Depending on the type of split/place where it's occurring, my quick fix for a split is using four simple items:


-Super glue

-Small piece of coffee filter or tissue


-Clear nail polish


Be sure your nail is dry and clean, place a dot/small amount of super glue on the site where the split or crack is, then lay the piece of coffee filter or tissue on top. It should soak up and be saturated immediately, let dry and add another drop of glue over the area, forming a "seal". Once dry, take a file and lightly buff things down to where it's smoother, you don't want to buff away all your just did, but it'll help even the texture back to your natural nail. From there, clear with clear polish over the entire nail.


This technique can help save a nail anywhere from a few days up to a little over a week depending on how rough you may be with your hands, the severity of the split, to factoring in things like hand washing, exposure to water, heat, etc.



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