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anyone else a julep maven?

what do you think about this month's collection? i'm a little iffy on the cleansing oil, definitely avoiding the primer after the concealer/dd cream fiasco, and i feel like i either am not interested in some of the colors, or have something similar already. i am loving karmen, though! it totally reminds me of griffindor house colors, and it's the only one in the whole collection that's really standing out at me. although, there's a purple i really like as well, but it looks similar to a sephora by opi i just ordered on friday. bombshell_swatch.jpg



Re: anyone else a julep maven?

I am a Julep Maven as well, since Janurary of 2012.  I upgraded on the February collection because they offered that white laquered box.  I regret not upgrading to the May collection...boy was that collection pretty!  I passed up on the month they offered that DD cream, I think June that was.  I skipped August but this month I chose my default, the Modern Beauty box and added on Reece because I don't have many purple polishes.  I love their "sea salt" textured polishes. Smiley Happy  I hope the cleansing oil is good and the primer.  I don't usually wear primers because I seem to break out from them, so I am crossing my fingers that the Julep one will be ok for me.

Re: anyone else a julep maven?

How do you all like Julep?  I have Birchbox and Glossybox already, but I buy nail polish pretty often.  Worth it?

Re: anyone else a julep maven?

Have you tried any Julep polishes at Sephora? 

What I really like about them is you get a chance to view all the boxes, change your style to one you like, or skip it before you get charged. Some polishes are awesome, I love the suedes (Sephora carried them last fall), some of the glitter are nice, the creamy ones can be hit or miss. Some are so sheer you need 3 coats, others are fine with one coat. They have nice color ranges, but I'm not a nail polish hoarder & don't need 5 different shades of red. 

I also started doing my own gel manicures, so I use normal polish less now. I wish they made gel polishes & gave them as an option for the boxes. 

Re: anyone else a julep maven?

I may have gotten a sample at one point but I almost religiously use Chanel now because they are so easy to apply.  I don't do much glitter because they aren't work appropriate, but I am a nail polish hoarder with over 5 different shades of red.  Smiley Happy  It's the best shade for my complexion.  Sounds like this box is a pass for me.  Thanks for the info!

Re: anyone else a julep maven?

Honestly... sign up! and pick a box you like & try it out. You can always skip a box if you don't like the colors or cancel if you don't like the polishes, but it is a good deal if you like nail polish. 

Re: anyone else a julep maven?

I always wondered about them.  If you only like one color out of everything offered that month, can you just cancel your box for that month and buy the single color?  They sell all the colors for a couple of weeks after the boxes go out, right?

Re: anyone else a julep maven?

My favorite color is actually Daria (the gray above), though I also really like Karmen. But I'm skipping this month (as I did the last two months) because I got a little burned out between the warehouse sale, the glut of Facebook promos, and not one but two totally meh mystery boxes I ordered. (Fool me once...)


Not to mention I've bought a TON of the Sephora by OPI sale polishes and a handful of the adorable $1 polishes. (I LOVE Gypsy, which is fairly similar to Daria.) 


However, I reserve the right to change my mind Smiley Happy and get the box you pictured above.

Re: anyone else a julep maven?

i bought i think one of each of the $1 sephora polishes Smiley Happy and 6 sephora by opi polishes! i really like that grey polish, too Smiley Happy my boyfriend hates them, but i always go for the greys Smiley Very Happy 

Re: anyone else a julep maven?

I've been a maven forever, but have been skipping boxes since last Fall when the Suede's came out. It's cheaper than buying them at Sephora (my big store carries Julep), and they get the new shades in quicker, but I just don't need that much nail polish. 

I did order this month though. I got the Boho Glam box (Tatiana, Kristy & the cleansing oil) & added on the sponge, Reece & Candace I used 1,000 Jules my order came out to $30. 

I was tempted to add Carmen (the red in your picture) but I have a lot of reds & use the Sephora OPI 18K gold top coat over them for a similar effect. 

I won't be touching the oil, I know from experience that pure oils don't agree with my skin. I wish we could swap items out Smiley Sad 

Re: anyone else a julep maven?

i do too. there have been a lot of months where i was just... meh about some items. but the only polishes i wanted came with them, so i was forced to either get a color i know i'll never wear, or forced to miss out on colors i did want. i LOVED july's box, though. their sea salt spray actually works better for my hair than b&b's. doesn't weigh it down as much. and the body oil smells amazing. i have a feeling the face oil may not be so good for me, though. i'm still debating whether or not to get the sponge... 

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