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Who's with me???

I would love to see improvement in the nail polish area!! OPI would be an amazing addition especially The Infinite Shine collection! The colors are gorgeous and last forever!!💞💞💞

Re: Who's with me???

I am a hard core nail polish hoarder. I made a vow to cut down on nail polish purchases. It lasted about 4 months until I snapped up the Nails Inc holiday wishes clearance set during this rouge sale (btw so happy, it’s lovely!) and Ulta Frida Kahlo set (gorgeous).  I will even randomly save certain expired bottles because of nostalgia.  Many long years ago (that’s how you know I’m old), Sephora had some contract with opi where opi manufactured nail polish exclusive for Sephora. The bottles were chic and bullet shaped so distinct from opi but had both the Sephora and opi logo on them. The price was about 2-3x higher than drugstore opi.  The colors were more beautiful than opi.  I still can’t get over how subtly vampy chic the ‘I’m with Brad’ shade was that I owned.  However the formulation was strangely clumpy and kind of streaky. Opi’s own cheaper line had a better smoother formulation but opi developed Sephora’s shades to be prettier and unique.  It made me wonder though opi fulfilled its contract, did it also make sure its proprietary formulation wasn’t entirely shared with Sephora? Hmm is there a dark side to business contracts?  So strange looking at the packaging and colors developed by opi, it looked gorgeous but the formulation was worse than opi’s own main line.  In short it was kind of a well dressed up lemon that opi produced. At any rate Sephora stopped working with opi and moved into a contract with formula x which didn’t go well either. I guess they discovered nail polish is a tough business and decided to start pulling out of it which was disappointing for a nail polish fiend like me.

Re: Who's with me???


Sephora used to carry Nicole by OPI. This was years ago. I don’t see OPI as a good fit for them, but what do I know 🤷🏻‍♀️

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