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Where can I buy nail studs?

I loveee nail art and really want to purchase some nail studs like the ones shown here. Does Sephora sell nail studs? If not where can I find some?swfupload_4590271662888558298.jpg

Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

etsy & sally beauty's nail section by the acrylics. dailycharme has quite a bit too & some very unique ones.

Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

Dollar nail art online has studs, glitters, foils, etcc a dollar a sm package

Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

I was recently shopping on etsy and I found some, there is a store called ixorapink and they sell nail studs, bow shaped charms, nail art stencils, and a bunch of cabachons( I think that is how it spelled ) and from what I can tell they have pretty reasonable prices. Although I would probably also look on ebay and maybe compare prices or something. Hope this helps ^-^

Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

Nails Inc currently has two different polish sets that come with nail studs. The first has little skulls and a leather polish, the second comes with little rhinestone bows Smiley Happy.


nails inc. - Bling It On Kit - Rebelnails inc. - Bling It On Kit - Romance

Whimsically yours,

Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

got both of these Smiley Very Happy love!!

Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

I am with lylysa, check on ebay.  You can find a LOT of nail goodies on there for really good prices. However, be sure to check where it is coming from, such as from the US or China.  You can get excellent deals on items from China, but some banks do not allow you to order out of the country.  If you run into that problem, you'll have to transfer funds to your PayPal account first.


You can also find just as good deals from the US as well.  I ordered ten rolls of stripe tape in different colors for three bucks and free shipping from NJ lol.

Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

Oh and also, Kimmie, when I was in Hawaii a few years back, so many of the little street corner shops that had travel trinkets, tourist gifts, to regular corner store items had such a huge range in plastic and tiny clay decals and pieces for nails!


Pressed flowers, tiny gems, an array of glitter and flakes, and even tiny acrylic pieces in the shapes of butterflies, lady bugs, fruit slices, and ice cream cones!

Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

Kimmi brings up good things to note, make sure the currency and pricing applies and also take a note about shipping times.


Though I've never experienced super long times like the usual estimated 2 weeks, note that if you're trying to get goodies in a rush, it may be a better route to check local beauty stores.


Some of the more obscure beauty supply shops or even dollar stores have nail design pieces, try to go off the mainstream radar to find some really unique offerings.



Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

Never underestimate the power of the dollar store! I've read on Instagram that Dollar Tree sells packs of nail art glitters that come in tiny vials.  


If I ever go to Hawaii, I will definitely have to stock up! lol!

Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

There's a dollar store (not a chain one) by my job that has tons of nail stuff! I try not to go crazy when I'm there!

Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

Don't believe Sephora does, but check your local craft store along with specialty beauty/nail supply shops.


Also, browse eBay, they have lots and huge package deals on nail decor pieces all the time.

Re: Where can I buy nail studs?

Yep, try a craft store like Michael's. Also, Amazon has tons of stuff for pretty cheap

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