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What's your favorite nail polish design?

My mom does nails for a living so I grew up painting my own and trying a lot of designs. I've fallen in love with the most recent design that I've tried, because it's bright colorful and fun. I forgot what the design was called but i would personally call it Marble or Jawbreaker. Smiley Happy I wanna know your favorite designs so maybe I can try them out. I posted a pic of my right hand because I felt that side looked better even though my thumb had already been chipped.. IMG_0279.JPG 

Re: What's your favorite nail polish design?

peter-pan_grande.jpgmarju_227374_l.jpgStripes or marbling with 2-3 various colors. Tho those are usually too troublesome so I do gradient/glitter top coat:

2013-06-22 16.56.54.jpg

Re: What's your favorite nail polish design?

Cute design, and welcome to BT!  Smiley Happy


I have a soft spot for played up french manicures.  The french manicure is always pretty and classy, and it looks awesome with some added flair.

Re: What's your favorite nail polish design?

Thank you so much. And I've gone through your designs. It helped me decide that nails would be my main base on BT

Re: What's your favorite nail polish design?

0138605f52637bde03303c2c8a42bf93.jpg675005d2f3a79f42e06f198b2efd6c98.jpgb3469f9ea5ab4ff6ac317030b732c6c2.jpgI found these on pinterest and fell in love! Smiley Tongue i don't know how long the spiked ones would last but they sure look awesome!!

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