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Watermarbling, first attempt

Inspired by Kimmi1115's success with watermarbling, I decided to give it a try.  It isn't perfect, I smudged the tip of my middle finger, but for my first attempt, I am pretty happy with the results.  I definitely will be doing this again!


I started with a coat of Sephora by OPI A True Romantic and then used that color and Sephora by OPI Access 24/7 for the marbling.  Let me know what you think!



Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

Hi lovelyheather!


Oh that is SUPER cute!! I absolutely love it! Reminds me of cotton candy and peppermint Brach's hard candies from  the drugstore all at once! I really need to get on the nail marbling trend, it seems everyone has tried it now except me Cat Tongue nice job and thanks for sharing with us!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

@dianabt - everyone's tried it but you....and me. You're not alone. I will give it a shot one day though, hope you'll let us know if you try it.Smiley Happy

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

Your nails look gorgeous! I love the two different pinks you chose, it reminds me of those yummy Cream Saver candies. Thanks so much for sharing lovelyheather your first attempt turned out far better than mine! I was only successful in getting a few of my nails to look good when I tried marbling...oh and using glitter nail polish was a huge instantly sunk to the bottom. Maybe I'll give it another shot someday, I love the effect.


Creme Savers Candy Strawberry 625 Oz

Whimsically yours,

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

@janinebt - I was trying to figure out what lovelyheathers nails remind me of and you Nailed it!!! She'll have to use some of the scented nail polishes that are coming out. Better yet.......I smell a new product line!! You, lovely and I will have to get it together and do some packaging and marketing before someone else does. Maybe we'll call it lovely-sweet-janine. Smiley Very Happy We'll do a green motif, like the color of $$ and call it Cha-Ching!!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

WOW!!!! lovelyheather, that's amazing. You did a fantastic job. I'm inspired, I need to find out how to do this, Can't believe that's your first try, amazing! Hope you'll keep us posted on future marbleworks.

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

Kimmi1115 inspired me to try out water marbling too, and I completely FAILED :/ I am going to give it another try soon cause your nails are so darn cute and they are making me want to try it again! lol, any advice on how to do it because your nails turned out really good for your first time (: LexiKaye<3

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

Lexi, I followed a tutorial by Chloe's Nails.  I Google searched "water marbling tutorial" and it was the first result.  I didn't use filtered water, just plain tap water and some of my batches were hard to work with.  I think I will try bottled water next time.  I also used masking tape instead of scotch tape and left the tape on until my nails were dry.  I also tried to aim my nail towards the best looking marbled part in the cup.  Good luck on you next attempt!

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

I use bottle water that hasn't been loaded into the frig so I know it is exactly room temperature.  Last time, I used distilled water, and it worked out fine. 

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

Your nails came out awesome!!  I love the combination, and the first thing that came to my mind was candy as well.  Since each nail comes out unique from the others, I can't even tell your smudged your middle finger.  I would have thought you swirled the colors a bit more on that go around. 


I absolutely love both of those pinks together.  Awesome job!!

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!  Now I really wish my nails were strawberry scented, yum!

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

Creme Savers! Yes! Those look soooo awesome! I don't even notice your so-called smudge - it looks like another swirl! Seriously, keep these coming, girls Smiley Happy.

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

The first time that I did the water marbeling, I saw a tutorial that took chapstick and smeared it all over the finger leaving the nail the only part not greased up- I was like, I have an ancient jar of petroleum jelly, that should work, right? IT DID. So much easier than the tape- a lot less clean-up too. 


Just take the chap stick or jelly and smear it up to your first knuckle covering everything but the nail front. When you lower the nail into the swirled polish, you just take a paper towel and wipe off the excess on your finger, leaving the nail perfect. Smiley Happy

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

The petroleum jelly is a really great idea. I tried watermarbling a few months ago and used tape around my finger leaving the nail bare, and it was so messy I ended up scrapping the whole idea. Will have to try this soon.

Re: Watermarbling, first attempt

hi lovelyheather!


I love water marbling! your first attempt is amazing! Thank you for sharing Smiley Happy


Looking forward to your future posts!


<3 julianna

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