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The Journey to Healthier Nails!

Happy Saturday girls!

          So ive seen many posts about what kinds of polishes and serums to use in order to strength, brittle, chipping or thin nails. At one point, my nails became thin and broke easily. The serums and nail strengtheners dont really help because it may strength the top layer of your nails but wont address the root issue of why your nails may or may not be brittle. The two things that helped me achieve great nails were by taking Calcium supplements and wrapping my nails with UV gel.  The pictures below were taken over a span of months. Sometimes my nails were long and other times i got them cut down but the length is all natural. Hope this helps loves! Smiley HappyNailPic1.jpegNailPic2.jpegNailPic3.jpegNailPic4.jpeg

Re: The Journey to Healthier Nails!

Great colors on your nails. I am really liking the red, a lot.


I do agree about the both inside and out philosophy.


In my case, due to the nature of my work it is excess hand washing (which is a must). I use a nail sealer/strenghtener to aid in protection and keep my hands excess washing, no nail issues.

However, this is not the case for all.


If someone is not sure about taking a calcium supplement (due to meds, health issues, etc),  they should just ask their Dr.


Thanks for sharing your post Smiley Happy  Love your nails Heart

Re: The Journey to Healthier Nails!

Great insight in regards to health concerns and supplements and aww, thanks so much PoesRevy <3

Re: The Journey to Healthier Nails!

My nails reflect my diet.  The better I eat, the better my nails are.  The worse I eat, the easier my nails break and peal.  A healthy diet is definitely important for healthy nails.

Re: The Journey to Healthier Nails!

My hair and nails have gotten healthier since I started taking Vitamin D supplements, under medical supervision. Although I eat a healthy diet and take my MS medication as prescribed, vitamin deficiency is still a big concern for those with MS due to the nature of the disorder. Hair, nails, teeth, and skin are the body's external signal that something may be going on internally that really needs to be checked out by a physician. May everyone have a healthy, happy, beauty-filled weekend!

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