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Show me your nails!

I'm loving this nail polish from Nails Inc. I used the superfood base coat, Nailkale in Victoria and finished it off with the 45 second top coat.  The color is so rich and easy to apply. 



Re: Show me your nails!

Zoya Bobbi

I was expecting a lighter, brighter, summery pink, but was pleasantly surprised when this dried down to a deeper warm rose making it an excellent shade to wear into fall and even winter. (Not that I put much stock in what colors I'm "supposed" to wear for any given's still summer in the south lol...this one just turned out more fall-friendly than I thought it would)




Re: Show me your nails!

It's been a while since I posted any, so I think I'll spam y'all with a few today 😁


Current look:

Urban Decay Granite

Urban Decay MIA

MIA is the *perfect* red IMHO. Not too bright, not too dark, and just the faintest hint of gold shimmer that gives it a depth and richness that doesn't really show up in my photos at all (any sparkle you see here is where I managed to get a little silver mixed in when putting on my top coat, sigh)IMG_20170913_110254197_HDR.jpg


China Glaze My Little Pony collection, I Just Canterlot

Pretty, but there are way better holo polishes on the market. The glitter is too thick, giving the final manicure a bumpy texture even after two top coats. It's also took a day to wear down the pieces hanging off the tips of my nails. And it is incredibly difficult to remove. Meh.



 ILNP Extra Credit

A lovely smoky teal blue holo which I tried unsuccessfully to capture lol. Adore!





Re: Show me your nails!

Adding to the mermaid nail theme!  ILNP Surfboard - I love the holo effect!


Re: Show me your nails!

Beautiful, @Tamara76! I don't know if you know this, but I am absolutely obsessed with opals. I LOVE your ring and it matches your nails perfectly. 💖

Related image

Re: Show me your nails!

Ohhhh - I did not know that, but I love them, too!   Thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3

Re: Show me your nails!

Today I wore Orly Fathoms Below from the Disney Villains collection.










Re: Show me your nails!

This color is so mermaidy!!!  @NiaNeuman

Re: Show me your nails!

I did a super quick job applying this last night, and might do a better job over the weekend. This is my new favourite colour/polish right now.

Marc Jacobs Enamored Polish in Good Friday. Such a soft, beautiful mint green. Lasts surprisingly long (for me), and looks so fresh. 

IMG_7233 (1).JPG


Excuse the messy edges, and llama for... scale?

Re: Show me your nails!

OMG!  That color is fabulous and the llama for scale is perfect!!!!   @NotCrocker



RE: Show me your nails!

Currently on day 3 of this polish, it's Formula X's Marine, not bad considering no topcoat and my daily workload, lol. I loved this Sea Glass collection from Formula X, the texture once it dries really does feel like sea glass, and I love the glittery matte look.

Re: RE: Show me your nails!

This is beautiful - Also super mermaidy!!!!   @Sarah0903

Re: Show me your nails!

Here are my marble inspired nails. I used Formula X polish in White Matter, Pacific Haze, and Black Matter. I used a nail stamping plate from Bundle Monster. I added a stud to my ring finger as an accent nail ♥


Re: Show me your nails!

Fabulous look!   I love these so much!!!  <3   @TracyChu

RE: Show me your nails!

@wkei Wow those are really cool! I've never seen anyone do a design like that. I love the originality!

RE: Show me your nails!

Thank you <3

RE: Show me your nails!

Re: RE: Show me your nails!

Very cool!!!!  @wkei <3

RE: Show me your nails!

Re: RE: Show me your nails!

Beautiful!!!!   @sandyvonzombie

Re: RE: Show me your nails!

Thanks!😊💅🏻 @Tamara76

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